Have you ever wondered what makes a winning story? What are the factors distinguishing a great team from a good one? Is it a strong vision, teamwork, or strategy?

In this article, I’ll share my experience as a judge at the UK Customer Experience Awards – a prestigious event with a significant number of high quality entries for Customer Experience Excellence. Looking at the category of Finance, Insurance and Investment, I believe the submissions reflected the overall quality in the sector.

It was quite interesting to observe that most presenters focused on how we measure the various numbers of interactions across different touchpoints; whether that be how we handle enquiries, the number of calls, the overall complaints or something else.

The winning submissions, on the other hand, focused on that future compelling vision around customer service, with the focus on the experience.

Here are some of the questions they were answering with their projects:

  • How do we make our customers feel?
  • What is it that they are saying about us?
  • How can we understand their needs better?

The winners were those able to project into the future. They proved that once you get that aspirational vision, your team will follow with passion, purpose, and confidence.

From what I observed, the winning teams are those capable of building a clear business strategy with the customers’ feelings in the centre of the design solutions. Doubtlessly, The UK Customer Experience Awards are here as a reminder that we all can offer more both to our teams and customers.

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