Goodman, UK electronics specialist, sees 83 per cent success rate in resolving first time customer queries using robust self-service system

As 48 per cent of consumers site call centres as their most frustrating customer service channel, leading entertainment technology brand, Goodmans, has worked with CartAssist to improve its level of support for online customers. Delivering accurate answers to customers in real-time; CartAssist’s intelligent digital self-service engine has helped Goodmans achieve an 83 per cent success rate in resolving customer queries first time round.

With the majority of purchases made either in the evenings or during the weekend, Goodmans required a system that offered support to its customers around the clock whilst also reducing the strain on its traditional contact centre channels. Since deploying CartAssist, Goodmans has seen a 50 per cent reduction in contact centre costs.

Goodmans has rechannelled all customer contact, including both voice and email to CartAssist; an online self-service engine which has an intelligent knowledge base for all repetitive questions. Now, rather than searching through extensive FAQs or set-up guides, customers can receive relevant information they need on products and advice on product installation in real-time without disrupting the user journey.

Since using CartAssist, Goodmans has also seen the following additional results:

  • 55 per cent expansion of “Relevant Answers” in the knowledge base
  • 98 per cent reduction of repetitive questions

Jim Neill at Goodmans said: “CartAssist has empowered us to support our customers with real-time answers at any time of the day. Through delivering rich content such as video and instructional PDFs, self-service has allowed us to provide an enhanced level of support to our customers that results in high levels of first time resolution, whilst improving the customer experience onsite. The self-service engine allows our customers to receive instant help with their support enquiries whilst showing us the real voice of our customers, helping us to streamline contact and improve the user experience further.”

Mark Kirby, CEO at CartAssist, comments: “Goodmans has a great portfolio of consumer entertainment devices, but the nature of these products often require support, either during the purchase process or when it comes to at-home installation. With a 24/7, instant response, CartAssist has cut down the strain and costs associated with manned support when customers need them most. It enables Goodmans to improve its overall digital experience, driving up basket value and conversion rates at the same time.”

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