Why do your employees stay at your company? Is it because they’re gaining skills that will help them at their next job, or is it because there’s a sure path to promotion that helps them attain solid career growth?

In fact, what might be keeping your employees at their jobs are not so much the traditional job perks as it is the non-traditional ones. Of course, family leave, when it’s necessary, remains a focus for many employees, but so too does flexible, work-at-home options. From there, what’s important in perks often differs based on how old the employees are. Younger employees hope for naps and help with student loans. Middle-age employees value that before-mentioned flexibility as well as naps of all things.

Want to learn more about how to change your work culture in order to offer employees perks that make them want to stay longer and remain loyal to your company? Use this graphic to learn more.


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