Author: Dora Birna

an image showing the purchasing and post purchase process.

Ending the post-purchase silence by offering customers more choice

The growth of e-commerce recently has been staggering. In 2020 alone, there was a 46.1% year-on-year increase in internet retail sales value in the UK. Of course, many consumers have been forced to shop online as a result of the...

an image showing the snowman on the Christmas market while there is a supply chain crisis.

Supply chain crisis: no Christmas presents this year?

The UK’s ongoing supply chain crisis, with both Brexit and COVID related issues, has resulted in an extremely unwelcome vortex of challenges for the retail sector. This has spared unsurprising concern from consumers and suppliers alike. Warnings of disruption from sector leaders at various points across the supply chain, whether from retailers or shipping executives, has been met...

An image showing a had smashing a plastic bottle as a message of sustainability promises companies give to customers.

Is the fashion industry true to its sustainability promises?

The fashion and retail industries have been put through somewhat of an awakening in the last few weeks. It began with the release of the latest IPCC report which declared the climate emergency a ‘code red situation for humanity’. This was followed...