Author: Julien Rio

Congruent experience to employee satisfaction and success

The Law of Congruent Experience: Unlocking Higher Customer Satisfaction Through Employee Happiness

In the complex tapestry of modern business, customer satisfaction stands as a beacon of success and sustainability. It’s the pulse that measures how effectively a company meets the needs and expectations of its clientele. 84% of companies that embark on...

The top customer experience trends in 2021 represented on the paper with a year written on it.

Top Customer Experience Trends in 2021

In this article, find out what are the top customer experience trends in 2021. The digital transformation of companies accelerated significantly in 2020. In particular, they had to quickly switch to remote work and further increase their use of digital...

Customer service strategy during holiday season

Customer service strategy: Get ready for the holiday season

Up until now, annual customer service strategy for the busiest shopping period of the year have been set in stone, agreed months in advance. But in 2020, many retailers have been forced to concentrate on merely staying afloat as they...