Author: Michelle Spaul

voice of the customer platforms

How to get the most out of Voice of the Customer platforms

In Customer Experience Management, the Voice of the Customer (VoC) stands out as a popular and powerful tool. It is easy to start and as we build our skills, it takes us on a transformative journey as we progress from fixing...

An image of two CX professionals discussing the innovation feedback loop

Introducing the innovation feedback loop: disrupting CX management

When Bain first invented the Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurement system, they introduced Inner and Outer Loops. These loops are used mainly by most Voice of the Customer (VoC) practitioners. They use these definitions of the loops: The Inner Loop responds to...

A woman holds a horn speaker as one of the Voice of the Customer tools.

Voice of the Customer Tools for SMEs and Small Corporates

Regardless of the clear value of customer feedback, few businesses have people with the skills and the time to analyse it, draw conclusions, initiate action and monitor the results. Even huge corporations with data scientists invest in a Voice of...


The Road to New Normal: CX In The Age of Coronavirus

“Never make predictions, especially about the future.” Casey Stengel Given the quote, I won’t say how CX will pan out over the next year to 18 months. Instead, I’ll consider companies whose response to the coronavirus crisis has shown grace and...