Author: Nav Thethi

AI and EQ

Boost your “Digital” CX by bridging the gap between AI and EQ

The modern era of technology and computerisation has made us neglect the human intellect and emotions. AI is evolving – and seemingly unchecked. Its supporters highlight promising advancements in customer service, data processing, and decision-making. On the other hand, detractors are...

pseudo metrics

Are pseudo metrics taking over and driving CX strategies?

Tying metrics to system strategy is a loophole in your organisational architecture. The perils of blindly using it can result not only in unaligned digital experiences, but also damage your brand loyalty.  Simply put, metrics are the building blocks to design your strategy....

silent customers

Silence of the Customer is louder than Voice of the Customer

Amid the growing dialogues about digital experience, your customer data has the power to make or break your business. But what happens when your customer goes silent on the data? The silence of your customer is a deadly threat to your...