It’s Time to Solve the Customer Experience Trilemma

Consumer Research Report

It’s time to solve the customer experience trilemma

The question is: how do your consumers feel about the way your business interacts with them? Do they have a trilemma when they are about choosing you?

To deliver the best customer experiences Cisco stands by focusing on the three elements of the CX trilemma equally: deliver rapid resolution, build rapport, and drive relevant experiences at every stage of the customer journey. But isn’t just about getting all three of these components in place, you need to excel in all three areas and how to get the synergy effect. 

According to Cisco’s latest report, 75% of customers worldwide see good customer service as a reason to be a repeat customer with a business. And 57% say that offering a better product or service than competitors is enough to make them shop with a brand again.

This comprehensive report is based on various real-life examples that many customers and cx professionals have faced.

Learn three elements of CX Trilemma:

  • Resolution: the cornerstones of CX success  
  • Rapport: creating the emotional connection  
  • Relevance: communicate the way customers want  

And discover:

  • Solving the CX trilemma through different digital channels  
  • Two steps to find the right communications mix using available technologies  

Know your customers, know the technologies available, and solve the CX trilemma.

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