What does it mean to work for a business with a purpose? This is the question Nutun CX asked itself when setting up a new business growth strategy. We decided to be a community-based business, and this empowers our employees to serve clients better.

How Shadow Career programme provides opportunities for the youth of South Africa  

Let’s start with our approach to recruitment; what makes us different is that we don’t believe a person needs experience to be successful.

We target 3 sources of people coming into the business to proactively support our commitment to impact sourcing: 

  1. Shadow Careers – our impact sourcing partner who promotes and provides opportunities for the excluded youth of South Africa.
  2. Our “Grow Our Own” approach – which involves attracting talent and youth in the market that has no contact centre experience but has the willingness and drive to build a better future for themselves and their families.
  3. Sourcing of experienced contact centre candidates who have proven experience in the industry for 6 – 12 months.  

Our Shadow Careers and Grow Our Own models are designed to support proactive Impact Sourcing in a way that has real results.

We aim to recruit as much as 70% of our new hires through impact sourcing directly from our Shadow Careers and Grow Our Own initiatives. After joining, employees attend our Genesis Programme which showcases the culture of the Nutun CX business and provides new joiners with all the information they need to become a Nutunite at Heart. 

This is a fun-filled day, with face painting, games, interactive information sessions, a welcoming note from our choir, and some of our fantastic Kinetix initiatives. Nutun CX is all about People, and the Genesis programme instills a sense of belonging and purpose. 

Customer service excellence with the Strive Academy  

All of our advisors are also enrolled in The Strive Academy for their first 2 weeks – This work readiness programme introduces elements that promote customer service excellence, soft skills, personal development coaching, and follow-up support. This ensures all new recruits have the knowledge, skills and confidence to thrive in their campaign training.

Once a new advisor is deemed competent, our development programme further supports their journey through funded career-based professional qualification programmes. The Strive Academy is about investing in our people, providing them with accredited knowledge, and teaching them the skills they need to further their career journey.

Our coaching boot-camps and activation development programmes are tailored to empower our employees. We want them to step-up as specialists in their roles. Our continuous improvement and upskilling initiatives ensure a culture that is always learning and has a fresh, focused and fun approach.

These successful programmes have allowed us to promote over 100 employees in the last 6 months. 

Our people-centric philosophy is underpinned by our Kinetix programme, which is designed to enhance the well-being of all our employees. Our aim is to improve overall well-being by building strong human connections & communities. 

This approach is built around 6 pillars: 

We believe that it is essential to create a work environment where people are excited to be there. The only way to do this is to incorporate JOY and RECOGNITION everyday processes: 

  • We host monthly & quarterly excellence awards.
  • Amazing theme days where we recognise our employees for their originality around costume designs. 
  • Internal competitions allow employees to feel a sense of completion and achievement, not only by winning but by working together as a team. 
  • Our phenomenal talent shows, which have given birth to our unique and extremely talented “Nutun Voice Note”. A choir made up of the people in our business who proudly represent what it means to be a Nutunite at Heart. 
  • Promoting Diversity & Inclusion 
  • CSR & Volunteering – through community development, we focus on improving the areas surrounding our sites. We have been actively involved in several initiatives through a variety of organisations. 

One agent one child  

We have chosen a strategic focus on improving the literacy rate of our youth, and supporting the community where the majority of our employees grew up. The CSR initiative that makes this possible is One Agent One Child; an incredible programme where, for every Nutun employee, a child is taught to read. We understand that our children are our future, and we have a responsibility to give back. 

  • Health (Physical & Mental) – Underpinned across the overall Kinetix approach, this promotes healthy habits, physical fitness, and mental well-being through various social and interactive programmes. This allows our people to have fun while getting healthy.
  • Financial Fitness / Well-being – We develop and foster relationships that equip & educate our people on good financial habits.

We are dedicated to creating career opportunities for our people, with support and training to help them make the most of it. We know in order to achieve this, it takes more than coaching, mentoring, and upskilling…It relies on our culture. We are building a brand that people are proud to be associated with.

We obsess about the wants and needs of our people to drive human progress. Because, at Nutun CX, we put people first.

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