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A group of people builds a new framework for sustainable growth by socializing in nature.

Finding a new framework for sustainable growth

Uspire Group, the silver winners in the category Employee Engagement Innovation and Transformation at the UK EX Awards 2021, shared their journey with the CXM team. We are delighted for the opportunity to learn from such an inspiring leadership story. As...

A digital lock on a woman showing the privacy of first-party cookies

Five customer engagement tips for using first-party cookies purposefully

Take control of your first-party cookies to empower human-centric communication and create successful campaigns in a privacy-first world. We’ve all been told the death of the third-party cookies will suddenly catch us off guard, and there’s no denying that marketers face...

Dice showing data insight is crucial for overcoming CX challenges

Overcoming CX challenges with advanced customer insights

Despite recent progress in MarTech innovation, brands can still expect to face significant obstacles when it comes to implementing customer experience (CX) strategies. We wanted to find out more about the exact nature of these barriers and commissioned a study...

A person writes CX on the glass, which stands for the generation CX.

Meet Generation CX — The Customer Experience Movement

Being marked as “the new marketing”, customer experience is becoming a focal point of the business development today. However, there is a growing need for having a consensus about what customer experience truly is. This video...

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