When it comes to our jobs, a lot of us aren’t in it for the money. On a personal level, I always feel that career satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment are more important to me than what’s in the bank. Unfortunately, there is one glaringly obvious problem with this mind-set: it has a nasty habit of leaving you short of funds.

This isn’t only an issue for those who get to spend their days doing what they love. I have plenty of friends who have found themselves in the same situation, except in their cases it’s been because they could only secure part-time hours, or because roles that were open to them paid minimum wage.

Regardless of the reasoning behind it, the predicaments we found ourselves in were a perfect match: we needed more money than we were making to cover our costs. Luckily, when you’ve lived life on the breadline, being innovative becomes second nature, and I can attest that there are lots of tips to try for those determined to improve their lot.

From someone who’s come out on the other side with a successful business and a comfortable cushion to fall back on, here are five ideas to help you do the same…

#1: Freelance

Your current job might be as fulfilling as anyone could wish, and if it is, this is great news, because there’s always the option of offering your services in a freelance capacity. If your employer can’t provide you with the hours or the income you need, fall back on your own resources, do a little work in your spare time, and see how much more you can generate. The average freelancer earns far more than their office-based counterpart, and you may even find that, like me, you wish to do it full time once you have your own client base to rely on.

#2: Utilise Your Skills

If you don’t wish to do the same job in and out of work, try taking advantage of your hobbies instead. Most of us pour a lot of time, money, and effort into perfecting our skills, so whether you horse ride, play a musical instrument, or dance, consider whether you’re experienced enough to pass your wisdom onto others and get paid for it. It’s advantageous however you look at it: you get to do something that you love, and earn a higher overall income at the same time.

#3: Tutor

Alternatively, think about whether you have any particular academic skills or talents. Tutors are always sought after, and many can charge a competitive rate to help mould and educate the next generation. If your A-level results were impressive, and even more if you’re educated to degree level, this could be an option for you.

With most tutoring sessions scheduled to take place in the evening, this often works well around an existing job, as you can fit both into your day without worrying about commitment clashes.

#4: Invest

For something a little different, investing is always an option. Whether you choose forex trading, CFDs, or shares, it can prove highly lucrative, and although the risks are notable, so are the potential rewards. What’s more, most financial markets trade around the clock, and with apps that allow you to make your moves from your mobile, you can trade anywhere and at any time, allowing you to perfect the perfect routine. If you’re looking to make a sizeable profit, consider whether you have what it takes to become a success in this sphere: time, talent, and, most of all, a dedication to doing well.

#5: Sell What You Make

Tied into our second idea, here’s another one for those with hobbies: selling what you make. Although there won’t always be a by-product, you can create one more often than you think, and this is one that friends have tried with varying degrees of success. 

Handmade jewellery, knitting, and art can all be easily sold via Etsy or other online platforms. Similarly, music can be recorded, and compositions sold. Young horses can be bought, produced, and passed on for a profit, and even vintage cars can be restored and resold for a higher price by enthusiasts. Put your brain into gear, and you’ll soon see that the possibilities are endless.

What will you try doing to change your lot?

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