If you are a customer-facing company, it makes sense that boosting your reputation for customer satisfaction will increase your bottom line. And research shows that customer service is the most important factor in retaining customers, with people four times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is related to service, rather than price or product (Bain & Company).

So with service levels such a priority, how do you show potential and current customers just how much you value customer experience?

Working within PR & Marketing for more than 17 years, I have seen first-hand how sharing your story through awards can boost business. And here are five ways to maximise on this potential:

1. Raise Your Profile

Customer experience awards offer an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of your brand and build a strong reputation for customer care. To make the most of this achievement, share your success through social media and communicate your story to both regional and national media outlets. Awards success makes for a great news story that will engage potential customers and is three times more powerful than advertising.

2. Build Customer Loyalty

Building relationships with existing customers is proven to be more cost effective than attracting new ones. So make your clients feel valued by sharing your awards success through your email signature, newsletters and face-to-face communication; awards are a fantastic way to differentiate your brand from competitors.

3. Enhance Staff Morale

Customer experience levels originate with the service your team provides. And winning an award shows employees how important their contribution is, boosting team morale. Becoming an award-winning company also attracts motivated new employees who want to be part of a successful team.

4. Benchmark Your Business

The awards process allows you to reflect on your business and provides you with the impartial opinions of expert judges. By responding to feedback, the process will inspire you to develop your customer experience strategy and learn from peers and thought-leaders.

5. Extend Your Reach

Being shortlisted for an award offers the opportunity to network with stakeholders you may previously have only dreamed of connecting with. The awards ceremony will host companies from a diverse range of sectors, so position your brand alongside aspirational companies and make some fantastic connections.

Customer experience awards offer so many opportunities to enhance your business; whether it’s attracting new customers, retaining existing ones or inspiring your strategy. So if you have evidence to prove why your business is worthy of a customer experience award, what are you waiting for?

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