The UK Customer Experience Awards, hosted by Awards International, is consistently famed for its scale and success. For over a decade, the UKCXA programme celebrates the inspiring efforts of the UK’s CX professionals. They are given a unique opportunity to get industry recognition for their hard work and noteworthy results.

On October 11th 2023, the editorial team at CXM were once again given the amazing chance to attend the live awards ceremony and build-up event – CXTrendTalks. There was lots to see and hear, but one thing is for sure… it was a glamorous and exciting event through all hours!

It was also a huge day for the CXM team as we launched our brand new project in this perfect setting. We’re so glad to mark the start of our new era.

We were joined by so many brilliant figures in our industry. Keep reading to learn who are this year’s winners, and the full run-down of the day’s plans!

An exciting pre-ceremony event 

Taking place at The Drum in Wembley Park, we arrived in the morning to start a great few hours of networking, learning, and building our excitement for the evening’s spectacle. 

Our 2023 CXM Star, Katie Stabler, did an absolutely fantastic job at hosting the event and making us all feel welcome. We heard from some great panels and keynote speeches:

  • The Secret Power of DeviceAI for the Telco Industry and Beyond
  • Generative AI and the contact centre experience
  • The Future of AI & CX
  • The Impact of AI on Delivering Great CX discussion 

At the pre-ceremony event, we were also proud to be presenting our CXM stand to ask the audience – what is trust? It’s time for our next era…

The launch of CXM Review issue 2! 

Like last year, the UKCXA was the perfect time and place to launch CXM Review. Titled ‘Trust: The AI Revolution & Global Polycrisis’, our second annual publication was a huge conversation starter and grabbed the attention of many. The digital edition is also available online to view and download now.

Sharing 300 exclusive copies issue with the most esteemed CX professionals at Wembley is our way to give them a token of our appreciation. We also teamed up with Barnardo’s this year. We were glad to give the CX community a valuable guide for 2023, and help out with donations to a worthy cause. With both of our focuses looking at cost-of-living struggles and how to better the world, it was a successful collaboration. 

We were also touched to chat with some of our CXM Stars of 2023 who attended the event and picked up a few copies for themselves! They’re already taking over our LinkedIn feeds to share their thoughts and gratitude. 2023 star Lynet Owuor shared that our publication and team are continuously raising the bar in the CX space. 

This year’s issue also features content from the sponsors of the 2023 UKCXA. It was a pleasure to work with such esteemed companies working so hard on this famous CX event. Look out for their top sponsoring companies in the latest edition – Nutun CX, Davies, and Clientship. 

Time for some trophies! 

As always, an Awards International awards ceremony is nothing short of glitz, glamour, smiles… oh, and good food to accompany to keep our energy up. 

The event’s hosts, Ian Golding and Emma Dark, were absolutely amazing once again at making sure everyone felt welcome and engaged. This was their second year co-hosting the event, and we couldn’t wish for a better duo. Their excitement and energy was contagious! It was also a pleasure, as always, to hear from the keynote speaker, Greg Melia. 

During the Awards Ceremony, the 650 attendees from across 230 companies raised £13,500 for our charity partner Barnardo’s! What an outstanding donation that is doubled from last year’s figure. 

Throughout the evening, we applauded and cheered for the bronze, silver, and gold winners across 35 stellar categories. A special well done to the overall winners – Talkmobile! They received the highest score across all categories. 

Congratulations to all the winners, runners-up, and finalists – you are pioneering a new way of delivering extraordinary CX in the UK!

After the winners’ announcements, we all partied the night away, and celebrated another successful event and CXM launch. 

Check out the full list of winners from every category in this year’s UKCXA here.

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