Author: Debbie Clifford

Recruiting and Onboarding New Starters in a Virtual World

Long before Covid-19, working remotely was a benefit many businesses offered their employees, alongside additional holiday or private health insurance. But as hybrid working shifts to become ‘business as usual’, it’s hard to imagine exactly what the world of work...


Managing Teams Effectively in The New Blended Workplace

Recent reports show that the blended workplace is very much a reality. Nearly 1 in 5 UK workers plan to work from home indefinitely, half expect to go into the office every day, and two thirds of Londoners plan to...

A team works in the office trying to promote diversity and inclusion in CX.

Diversity and inclusion in CX

A lot is written about diversity and inclusion in CX in recent times, but not merely enough. In my opinion, there are two sides to the diversity ‘coin’ and, when it comes to the contact centre, inclusion is equally important –...