Author: Olga Potaptseva

agile management practices to prevent burnout

Avoid management burnout with agile practices

It is no secret that burnout has infiltrated our workforce. Surely you have encountered this state of numbing exhaustion, after a period of excessive and prolonged pressure. Sound familiar? In fact, experts say that management burnout has reached record levels....


Managing CX When Everything Changes At The Speed of Light

Back in January I was getting ready to present at a conference in London and the subject of my talk was going to be examining global social trends and their future CX impact.  Naively, we thought we could measure, forecast, and...


Engage Your Employees With Your CX Strategy

When Satya Nadella took over Microsoft, he didn’t begin with a focus on the competition or restructured product portfolio; rather he set out to rebuild the company’s culture starting with redefining the mission of the company. He engaged all its...