Author: Venesa Musovic

An illustrated image showing the power of customer ethnography

Customer ethnography: the power of small and big data combined

By supporting researchers to gather in-depth people stories, customer ethnography became a game-changer in the CX industry. This method allows brands to have a peek into candid customer experiences and design meaningful solutions. As a cultural anthropologist, I believe there’s no...

an image showing colourful brain looking at the future of work

The future of work: An interview with Jacob Morgan

Over the past year or so, the concepts of leadership awareness, emotional intelligence, and employee mental health became a central topic for EX and HR professionals worldwide. We saw first-hand how COVID-19 and other social events around diversity and inclusion...

an illustrated image showing people connecting dots in order to design meaningful employee experience

Designing a meaningful employee experience: An interview with Belinda Gannaway

Last year, it became crystal clear that companies have to simultaneously invest in CX and EX development. These two internal business processes have to be aligned for long-term sustainability and growth. Belinda Gannaway, Strategy Director at FathomXP, recently spoke with...

Leading with empathy

Leading with empathy: An interview with Ross Wainwright, CEO of Alida

In May this year, Alida, a creator of the world’s first CXM & Insights Platform, has been awarded the Great Place to Work® certification. This was a wonderful invitation for our team to meet up with Alida’s CEO Ross Wainwright...

a hand touching the screen demonstrating AI-powered technology

Removing language barriers with AI-powered technology: An interview with Vasco Pedro

Did you know that English is spoken only by a quarter of the world’s population? This leaves an untapped market that businesses should consider more seriously. However, without a digitally advanced, and scalable language translation strategy, businesses can find themselves...