With hybrid working being a new norm, enhancing voice and collaboration solutions for customers became a must for digital businesses. The CXM team reports on a new partnership between BT Wholesale and Cisco Webex, and their journey through the era of hybrid working.

BT, the UK’s leading telecommunication provider, is strengthening its support for Wholesale customers by partnering with Cisco Webex, the worldwide leader in technology. Cisco’s collaboration tool aims to accelerate digital transformation for BT Wholesale channel partners and their customers by supporting hybrid working models.

During the past year, hybrid working increased dramatically and became the norm with 87% of employees in the UK expecting more flexibility. BT is using the opportunity to ease the workplace challenges and increase business performance by adding Cisco Webex to its WHC solution.

Gavin Jones, Channel Director, BT Wholesale says: “Every organisation embarks on a different digital journey – a one size fits all approach doesn’t exist. That’s why it’s vital that we provide the necessary collaboration tools and services to help our channel partners not only navigate through that change but enable their customers to flourish long after. With the 2025 switch off on the horizon, it’s our ambition is to offer the technology and support to best prepare businesses.”

Scalable growth: the benefits of digital collaboration

By joining the forces with Cisco Webex, BT Wholesale became one of the first providers in Europe to offer advanced collaboration experience to their customers. The benefits encompass smooth video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing, collaborative spaces, and IP calling features. Moreover, the complete suite of collaboration tools is scalable for organisations of all sizes. Having the leading 24/7 monitored network, BT will support customers with a secure and reliable approach to flexible working.

The added value of Cisco Webex technology

This blended design of services with Cisco Webex allows businesses to smoothly adopt hybrid working. It supports employees to work collaboratively from their home offices or remote locations without a decrease in productivity and engagement.

Remote working also supports the company’s ambition to reduce carbon emission. Having such a vision fuels BT’s digital transformation journey even more. Without a doubt, a new generation of digital voice services empowers businesses to use the latest technology ahead of the switchover of the UK’s ISDN and PSTN in 2025. With THE Cisco Webex by its side, BT will not fall behind.

 Businesses stepping into their full digital potential

The new Cisco Webex is a game-changer for UK businesses as they prepare to return to the office. With it, companies can maximise their productivity and keep employees connected no matter the location. Cisco is committed to enabling seamless collaboration and allowing employees to easily connect with people inside and outside their company. The new way of working is already here, and WHC with Cisco Webex will enable businesses to not only survive but thrive in the hybrid normal.

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