Attend an interactive event meant to connect you with other CX experts and help you gain a new perspective on various industries. You’ll get a chance to engage in mini networking activities and hear practical CX expert tips.

Don’t forget! The event is open for all enthusiasts and practitioners in the industry who want to connect, learn, and celebrate the great work we do over the year. Everyone is welcomed to join!

Top 3 reasons to spend your CX day with us

  • Meet new people and connect
  • Explore less renowned CX fields
  • Submit your CX story or just celebrate the winning ones


12.00 Opening the event with short introductions
12.15 Mini networking: an interactive session
12.30 CX round table with experts from the heath and real estate industry
13.15 Mini networking: an interactive session
13.25 The purpose of failure in CX: sharing contributors’ stories
13.45 Announcing the winners
14.00 Wrapping up with your comments and some quality music

*UK Time Zone

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About you

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    Open until the 4th of October

    I thought it was a great idea but…

    Things don’t always go according to plans. Everything and nothing can happen at once. You might have a clear picture in your head of a perfect CX initiative but never deliver it right. The plan might fail for technical reasons. Your customers could end up disliking it.

    Our greatest ideas can fail for all sorts of reasons. Although it might pain us to see them crash, we can learn a lot (if not the most) from our biggest mistakes. Do you have such experience yourself?

    Are you eager to share it and connect with people who have the same stories?

    Write a story for CXM and participate in our CX day event!

    We are set on a mission to gather the not-so-epic stories and reveal challenges CX professionals face along their way. As we believe it’s important to share more independent stories and show the personal aspect of business, we invite everyone to share their individual or company’s story.

    You can write about anything, from professional fails (maybe you got stuck with that great idea), over betrayals (seeing your idea stolen is by no means pleasant) and financial losses to other vulnerabilities (it’s okay to say you care).

    CXM accepts all formats and perspectives. We want to hear your unique story and recognize the three most interesting and best-written stories. Therefore, along with having a chance to hear great insights from other participants and enjoy an ultra-entertaining programme, you can also win an award for your amazing story!

    Story Guidelines:

    • Stories must be totally original. We would like to hear about your first-hand experiences with CX.
    • The word limit is 700 words. Try to keep it short and focused.
    • Use your unique writing style and have fun! Feel free to add photos, drawings, scripts, quotes. Anything that will help us get a better picture of your experience is welcomed.

    Submit your story here

    We thought it was a great idea but…

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      Will my story be awarded?

      Join us on the 5th of October to find out! We’ll be announcing the winners at the event – you can expect great awards for the top three contributions and other exciting surprises for all participants!