Another company CXM had the opportunity to speak with and share their story on CXDay is QASSS. Apart from complaint management, risk mitigation and other services they provide, QASSS have also won a Gold and Bronze Award at the 2020 UK Complaint Handling Awards. Read below the interview with Vicky Rispin, Marketing & PR Director who shed light on their incredibly short problem solution time.

Hi Vicky! Thanks for booking a call with CXM. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and QASSS.

I am the Marketing & PR Director for QA Scheme Support Services (QASSS), having joined just over a year ago. QASSS is a great company to work for and slightly different from the other awards finalists because we specialise in alternative dispute resolution (or ADR for short) for the home improvement and renewable energy sectors, in addition to complaint handling.

We’ve won three awards so far this year due to the combination of our industry-leading speed, expertise and impartiality that we offer when handling disputes and I’m super proud of the ADR team – we like to call them our ADR superheroes (!),

Is there is a unique solution to all problems?

Most disputes are unique, given the vast array of products and types of installations in our sector, but we’ve developed an expert knowledge hub so we can quickly tackle even the most technical disputes. Our aim is always to be empathetic, fair and to get to the crux of the problem as soon as possible. So, we don’t want to make consumers and businesses wait 80 days (which is the UK average resolution time) hence our average resolution time last month was just 2 days.

What would be the next steps?

Well, we’re nothing if not ambitious. This year we hope to be even quicker and take our resolution times down to just hours! We’re introducing advanced interactive technology, including live video, so in effect we can see what customers see and also bring additional expertise onto the call.

It also means that we can be much greener and more sustainable as a company, as well as making the business more agile and resilient, particularly given restrictions around COVID.

We’re also growing our client base working with lenders, credit card companies and insurers who need a company with expertise in our sector to help manage disputes and claims on their behalf, driving better outcomes for all concerned.

How has COVID impacted your business?

Fortunately, we’ve remained fully open during COVID, working remotely, of course, to support businesses and consumers.

But COVID has bought huge challenges for the sector. Many companies have reassessed their portfolio and looked to develop innovative solutions. As we have too!

Against this backdrop and given the financial challenges companies face, we have relooked at how we can offer our industry-leading dispute resolution service whilst overcoming financial barriers and providing a solution which is at a nominal price and cashflow neutral. We’re just in launch phase at this moment and under NDA with two new clients so hope to update you soon with exciting news!

How do you plan to celebrate CX day at your company?

This year is a bit different and because of COVID and local restrictions, most of the team are still working remotely. But we are planning to celebrate all things CX through social with case studies, videos and testimonials. Also, next week we will be attending a virtual filming experience for finalists for another award so the team will get a chance to celebrate together.

What message would you like to share with our audience?

When people see how quick we are, people may think there must be a compromise on quality, but we’ve shown you can be both quick and ensure a high-quality service but you need to have the right foundations in place – the right team around you and a wider knowledge hub so you can quickly resolve even the most technical of problems.

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