In October 2022, we at Customer Experience Magazine released our first huge project – a printed and digital magazine focusing on reviewing the past year in CX. And It was a year of uncertainty as we redefined our businesses in the post-covid world. This was reflected in the title, ‘The New Era of CX: Tapping into the Unknown‘. 

What’s next? 

With global crises still affecting everything we do, huge technological advancements, and financial uncertainty, we found ourselves asking a new question. What is trust?

We’ve spent most of our editorial year reflecting on the past year in society and business, and realised that we don’t quite know who or what to trust anymore.

After months of research and collaboration with experts, we are absolutely delighted to announce our latest edition of CXM Review in which we tackle this question. The second free printed and digital issue of CXM Review is called ‘Trust: The AI Revolution & Global Polycrisis’It will be out for physical and digital release on Wednesday 11th October. If you want to grab a physical copy, head to the UK Customer Experience Awards and find the CXM stand!

What’s changed with trust? 

Especially since the release of ChatGPT, nearly a year ago, generative AI has absolutely transformed the way we do work. You now see AI generated images, content, and you can use it to draft your emails, your posts, and more. How can we now trust that what we see comes from a human? How can we differentiate when the lines between us and AI have become so blurred?

Also this year, we have suffered greatly with financial difficulties from the cost-of-living crisis, and the fallout from that in business layoffs. Our employees and customers alike are facing uncertainty about whether they can afford to survive comfortably, and if their job will still be there tomorrow. How can we trust in our jobs and financial security?

What content does the second issue feature? 

Our new publication is a commemoration of thought leadership pieces, winning stories, and thought-provoking guides. We tackle categories including ‘AI & society’, ‘Automation & empathy’, ‘Business strategy’, and more. 

The latest issue features over 15 contributors from some of the top businesses in our industry. You can find articles from Lynette Ryals & Ruth Bender, Helge Tenno, Ginger Conlon, Carlos Espinosa, American Medical Association, Gartner, Volkswagen, and so much more! Our pool of writers and content this year is second to none. 

Additionally, we wanted to bring over to CXM Review one of our most beloved and well-received projects – This week in CX. With over 10,000 weekly LinkedIn subscribers, we know it’s become a source of reliable information for our audience, and has been since July 2022. The perfect way to incorporate this in CXM Review was to take some of the most stand-out news pieces from this feature, and create an overview of this year in CX. Have fun travelling back in time and seeing which news stories are still relevant today!

This year, we’re also pleased to feature content from the sponsors of the 2023 UK Customer Experience Awards. Look out for their top sponsoring companies – Nutun CX, Davies, and Clientship. 

Thank you to the Editorial Advisory Board! 

In 2023, we have also had the guidance of our very first editorial advisory board – Ginger Conlon and Ian Golding have worked alongside our editors for advice and recommendations. We can’t thank them enough for their help, and we can’t wait to work with them again. Here’s what they’ve said about it – 

“I love the diversity of topics and that so many have the heart and humanity that CXM content is so often imbued with that makes it stand out.” -Ginger Conlon, Genesys

“This second edition of CXM Review provides inspiration, validation and innovation to help executives chart a path for the future with this in mind.” –Ian Golding, Customer Experience Consultancy

Collaboration with Barnardo’s 

This year, we’re also touched to announce our collaboration with Barnardo’s children charity. We will be working alongside their team at the UKCXA in London on 11th October. During the CX Trend Talks pre-ceremony event at the Drum, we will have our stand beside theirs, where you can have a chat with us both from 10am to 4pm. See you there!

If you pick up a physical copy of the magazine, we would be extremely grateful for you to also give a donation to the Barnardo’s team. Here’s what the team work on –

“The cost of living crisis is having a severe and lasting impact on children, young people and families across the UK. No child should grow up in poverty, yet even before the crisis intensified in 2022 the situation in the UK was critical, with more than one in four children living in poverty. Growing up in poverty means children are at risk of going cold and hungry; they miss out on opportunities; and their physical and mental health suffers – all of which can affect them long into adulthood. Half of parents have cut back on food shopping and essentials, and almost a quarter of parents (23%have struggled to provide sufficient food due to the cost-of-living crisis. 

Right now, Barnardo’s frontline staff are helping struggling children and families by providing them with emergency support such as beds, access to food, and support. Barnardo’s staff also support young people and their families with their mental wellbeing, helping to alleviate day to day pressures so they don’t have to deal with their worries alone. Your donations today will be helping Barnardos to support children & families in poverty feel warm, well fed and supported this winter.”

Why you need to read the latest CXM Review! 

Like last year, our concept and core values of CXM Review remain the same. CXM Review serves as an evergreen. A guide to keep saved to refer back to whenever you need it. It’s all-encompassing and exclusive. It’s special, it’s thoughtful, it’s invigorating, and it’s here. 

This has once again been a long time in the making and it is finally ready for you to read! This year, we faced challenges like no other, which only makes our team more proud of this issue. We have worked hard, our contributors have been fantastic, and we are so excited to finally get this out into the world. One of the best parts is that CXM Review is still completely free and accessible for everyone. 

You can download your digital copy nowWe will also be at many events over the next year and hope to bring along the physical copies. Coming up, we have the UKCXA on October 11th, Chatbot Summit on October 12th, and the Call & Contact Centre Expo at the end of November. Pop us an email if you’re coming along and would like to grab a copy!

Thank you so much and happy reading! 


Venesa, Ellie, Jana

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