DeviceBits, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) software provider, and ResultsCX (formerly The Results Companies), a premier customer experience partner to Fortune-100 and 500 companies worldwide, announced the two companies will be uniting to enhance customer assisting software solutions under one brand.

The union will merge what was formerly a suite of individual solutions offered by DeviceBits into one product known as SupportPredict. DeviceBits was acquired by The Results Companies last year and the two have combined under a new brand, ResultsCX.

DeviceBits has been instrumental in changing the way customer service representatives interact with customers through self-service, predictive and interactive experiences. The SupportPredict digital platform will redefine call center agent-support and self-service environments based on machine-learning and cross-channel user behavior data. SupportPredict will consist of Agent AI, Self-service and Bots Software.

JC Ramey, President of Tech Enabled Services at ResultsCX: “Our platform was designed to guide customers through a predictive, self-learning system that alleviates customer service representatives and benefits businesses with measurable impact ondriving sales, customer retention and support accuracy.”

“Uniting with The Results Companies helps to strengthen our service offerings and deliver more targeted technology solutions that enhance experience with both our existing and future customers.”

The merger of the two organisations will help brands to offer the right balance of human and digital interaction for their customers. The SupportPredict software suite helps grow revenue, reduce costs and differentiate customer experience for all organisations in their digital transformation journey.

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