This month we had an opportunity to attend the International Digital Experience Awards (DXA), a trendy and inspiring event hosted by the Awards International team. DXA gathered organisations, teams, and individuals with the best digital practices in the world. They all shared accomplishments achieved throughout the truly challenging year behind us.

We’ve seen over 30 organisations reach the finals! Incredibly talented people shared innovations and competed within many categories. Without a doubt, our judges had a difficult job in selecting a single organisation as an overall winner. However, the hard choice had to be made, and we’ve seen one admirable initiative earning the trophy!

What could you see at the Digital Experience Awards in 2021?

The finale of the Digital Experience Awards was on the 15th of July. Our amazing finalists had a week to prepare for the ceremony where winners were announced. While anticipation rose among all participants, the Awards International team was preparing quite a few surprises for the 22nd of July.

Headshot photos of all speakers on the Pace of Digital Change conference.

On the day of the Awards ceremony, attendees were able to join the panel ‘Pace of Digital Change’. This mini-conference brought together digital experience professionals to share their insights and advice on the topic. Here, you could hear Donal Simmie, James Linkins, Hellen McDermott, and James Rowland discuss some burning questions surrounding digital experience.

Our host Daniel Brown opened the ceremony and made sure everyone feels welcomed and comfortable. His positive energy spread to all attendees and incited a truly spirited event. Hellen McDermott, Director of Financial Services at Capita, was a keynote speaker who further encouraged all attendees to think about their DX achievements.

If an organisation wants to serve people, it needs to become more digital in its processes, said Hellen McDermott .

We also want to thank everyone who took part in Barnardo’s charity raffle to help the UK’s youngsters. The prize draw ends on the 28th of July 2021, so you have enough time to donate and win the prize!

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Who are the winners of DXA?

The banner for the DXA event in 2021.

We are thrilled to announce the overall winner of the Digital Experience Awards is Palladium, a digital consultancy for the private equity market. This is an outstanding achievement for the company looking to grow and succeed in a fast-paced digital environment!

CXM congratulates Palladium and all other category winners for their exceptional performance at the DXA. We were happy to see you this year and hope to witness your many other achievements in the future.

As our brilliant Aleksandar Ilić said in a truly inspirational speech during the DXA ceremony:

The pandemic forced us to quickly adapt to this new format of live online events, and it’s only fitting that the Digital Experience Awards were the ones to open the doors for entries from all over the world. Getting the best out of a bad situation is something we’ve all been trying to do for the last year and a half, and most of it was made possible by people like you.

We make the difference together, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

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