Genesysthe global leader in cloud customer experience and contact centre solutions announced partnering with Adobe to help organisations break down data siloes between marketing, commerce, sales and service departments.

A new integration between Genesys Cloud and Adobe Experience Platform, organisations will be able to gain a deep understanding of customer context across very touchpoint, improve personalisation and drive higher sales conversion. As a Premier partner in the Adobe Exchange program, the company is collaborating with Adobe to help organisations realise the Genesys vision of Experience as a Service(SM).

Tony Bates, CEO of Genesys, said: “Adobe and Genesys have a shared goal to help businesses more fully leverage their customer data. The combined power of our interoperable platforms makes it easier for organisations to utilise enriched customer context so they can provide more personalised engagement that builds stronger empathic connections.”

Customers engage with organisations across many different functions, yet their data often doesn’t move with them throughout their journey, resulting in disconnected experiences with minimal personalisation. Even when the data is shared across systems and departments, it typically is not utilised in real-time engagements.

Among the benefits of the integration are improving customer empathy through real-time profile enrichment, customer journey augmentation with automation and driving revenue and loyalty.

“The global imperative for digital engagement has created an even greater sense of urgency for every business to deliver exceptional, personalised digital experiences,” said Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe. “Integrating customer insights from Genesys Cloud into Adobe Experience Platform will give brands a more complete view of their customers, enabling deeper interactions that drive brand loyalty and growth.”

Alan Webber, VP of Customer Experience Management Strategies at IDC commented: “For organisations that want to truly develop deep empathy with their customers that results in a unique and differentiated customer experience, the ability to tap into direct and contextual customer data from across the organisation is foundational.”

“Partnerships like Genesys and Adobe have the opportunity to expose data that has been locked away in function-specific applications to build a more complete understanding of each individual that results in a more personalised experience for which customers will return.”

The first phase of the Genesys Cloud and Adobe Experience Platform integration is now available with additional capabilities expected throughout 2020.

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