There’s no secret to what consumers want when they interact with brands. That is – convenience and speed. The brands that delight customers are those that have easy, fast, and smart self-service. 

Now AI that is purpose-built for customer experience (CX) is ushering in major advances. There are use cases across every touch point—self-service and agent-assisted, customer- and internal- facing. AI for CX is available in the cloud to make it a reality for organizations cost-efficiently and at scale.  

CXone is an intelligent, AI-powered customer experience platform that is revolutionising CX in many ways. 

  1. Understanding evolving customer expectations: AI-enabled CX initiatives rely on understanding what customers want. It doesn’t require extensive focus groups or primary research. With the right data, you’re equipped to solve the right problems and win with your customers the first time. With AI, you can get useable insights and information—including deep drive drill downs—to guide you with what exactly needs to change to improve CX for your customers. 
  1. Continually fine-tuning customer engagement: Contact centres have rich resources of customer data, but you’ll need the right tools to mine it and transform the data into useful insights. Monitoring and identifying root causes and pain points relies on listening and analysing millions to billions of data points. AI is the only way to meet the challenge and can surface issues that matter most. With those insights you can quickly adjust and identify new and exciting ways to delight customers. 
  1. Giving consumers smart self-service: Consumers are demanding more self-service options and faster links to quickly get answers and solve basic needs, like password resets, bill payments, appointment bookings, checking status of an order, getting balances or account statements, and so much more. AI can help you design and orchestrate better and faster self-service experiences and quickly train self-service apps like voice bots and chatbots based on interaction data. 
  1. Ensuring better experiences with live agents: Customers expect easy access to a company representative when they’re needs are more complex. AI that is purpose-built for customer satisfaction can match customer personas to the right agents as well as give agents real-time feedback in the moment on every call instead of after the fact. AI dynamically measures sentiment and agent behaviour alerts agents to improve empathy and build rapport during the conversation. 
  1. Doing more with less: AI won’t replace the need for humans in the contact centre. Customers still want a human connection. But AI can be a tool to equip and empower your team, freeing them from lowest-level tasks and setting the stage for them to focus on what matters most. AI offers game-changing opportunities to maximize your resources and ensure your team is at the ready to deliver top-tier service. 

Recent research shows that customer service is a top factor for brand loyalty. Companies who harness AI for next generation customer experience can satisfy and delight customer to keep them coming back for more. From self-service to monitoring to workforce engagement, AI can enable unmatched insight into trends as they develop in real time. AI has the potential to transform customer experience by improving every interaction with every consumer, every time. 

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