For the past few weeks, our team has been dwelling on the topic of business podcasts. There is something truly unique in the spoken-word audio that makes us continuously select it as our favourite way of gaining knowledge. The NPR and Edison Research claim that 60% of people listen to podcasts for unique perspectives. Even more interesting, their findings show that 62% feel it is made for the folks like them.

The CX podcasts we selected for this list are those that humanise the CX-related conversations, bring authentic perspectives, and guide us through possible solutions for our businesses, careers, and life choices.

Punk CX by Adrian Swinscoe

Punk CX with Adrian Swinscoe –

Adrian is a customer experience consultant and advisor, a bestselling author, and the host of one of our team’s favourite CX podcasts. He started hosting interviews back in 2011 when podcasts were nowhere on the map.

In his show Punk CX, Adrian strives to discover what it takes to build customer-focused organizations by challenging his guests to go beyond what’s obvious and general opinion. He completed over 400 interviews with some of the most prominent CX and EX leaders. Adrian is a fantastic host, talented in leading meaningful conversations and making people feel appreciated for their contribution to CX.

Here is the list of Adrian’s books:

  • How to WOW
  • Punk CX
  • Punk XL (Experience Leadership)

The CX Leader Podcast by Steve Walker

The CX Leader Podcast – A resource for customer experience professionals.

Steve Walker is the host of The CX Leader Podcast. He is chairman and CEO of Walker, a CX advisory firm that has worked with many of the world’s most influential businesses. In his weekly show, Steve walks us through the diverse journeys of CX leaders by inviting them to share their development paths. He is great at emphasising the value CX can bring to the business by bringing in customer perspectives. 

If you want to begin your learning journey with The CX Leader Podcast today, we recommend the episode ‘CX through partner channels‘ Steve hosted in April this year. He spoke to Andrew Carothers, senior manager of digital experience at Cisco, discussing how big businesses build lasting partnerships through flexible organizational systems.

The CX Goalkeeper by Gregorio Uglioni

A logo of CX goalkeeper podcast.

THE CX GOALKEEPER – Customer Experience, Transformation and Leadership

Gregorio Uglioni is a specialist in business transformation, innovation and customer experience. In February 2022, he was recognised among the 10 top CX influencers at CXMStars™. He is a host of a genuinely authentic podcast titled CX Goalkeeper, where he talks about the transformational journeys of company culture and leadership. Gregorio is a co-author of the best-selling books “Customer Experience 3” and “Customer Experience 4”.

Women in CX by Clare Muscutt

A logo of Women in CX podcast.

Inspiring Women in Customer Experience — Women in Customer Experience (

Clare Muscutt is a host of fantastic Women in CX podcast. She has the skill of leading human conversations that merge personal perspectives with her guest’s business choices and leadership styles. With more than 400 episodes, Clare helps not only women in business find their voices but raises awareness about issues such as mental health, gender equity, and the importance of cultural diversity, to name just a few.

In one of the recent episodes, Clare talked to Elena Rozanova, CCXP, who escaped the horror of war in Ukraine. This conversation reminds us of the importance of solidarity, empathy, and the proactive role each of us should have in times of crisis.

Be Customer Led by Bill Staikos

A logo of Be customer led podcasts.

Home – Be Customer Led

Bill Staikos is senior Vice President of Industry Solutions at Medallia, where he supports CX and EX leaders to create value for their employees, customers, and stakeholders. He hosts a weekly podcast called Be Customer Led, which our team enjoys listening to since Bill is an amazing host, always providing his guests with a space to tell their stories and the value they bring to the CX industry.

Start your journey with Be Customer Led podcast by listening to the insightful conversation between Bill and Sandra Thompson, the co-founder of RISE Emotional Intelligence (EI), on how emotional intelligence can improve leadership.

Have we missed to mention your favourite CX podcast?

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