What would you do if you had one day off each week? Would this make you more productive, healthier, and focused on things you want to do for your career, your family, or your side business?

In the latest episode of CX Lore™, we talked with Charlotte Lockhart, a founder and managing director at the 4 Day Week Global. Throughout this conversation, Charlotte shared some examples of how working fewer hours influences people’s lives positively while ensuring that businesses don’t suffer.

With the pandemic, the whole world started buzzing about new ways of working. However, rethinking the future of work has been on the agenda for quite some time now. The pandemic just helped us realize how vital it is to prioritize employees’ well-being and think sustainably about our talents.

A vast body of work showcases that reduced work hours benefit people’s mental health, reduce staff turnover, and decrease job dissatisfaction. While companies desperately try to engage their employees by offering them more activities, maybe the solution lies elsewhere. What if working less means creating more quality content and better impact?

What are the benefits of a 4-day week programme?

Since October 2020, all full-time employees at Arken have had Fridays off. The results were more than satisfactory:

  • The reduced working week has made a significant difference to job satisfaction and family life for nine in ten employees.
  • 95% say they are either equally (19%) or more (76%) efficient and productive doing their job in four days as opposed to five.
  • 81% of employees are more likely to stay at Arken now the 4-day working week has been introduced.

This conversation with Charlotte brings many vital questions to the table. Listen to this episode now on Spotify, Anchor, or Soundcloud. Let us know your thoughts on this topic after hearing Charlotte’s thoughts.

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