Ian Golding CX Framework

Designed by:

Ian Golding, world renowned Customer Experience Specialist, all graduates of the course will be given case studies, exercises and stories that bring to life the skills needed to succeed as a CX professional. You will create a relevant and personalised action plan that can start immediately and you will be able to demonstrate greater knowledge, confidence and credibility in the subject within your organisation.

Pre-workshop activities:

Prior to their attendance at the masterclass, all delegates would be sent a questionnaire exploring their current understanding of customer experience. The questionnaire should be sent back prior to attendance at the workshop.

Who should attend:

For those who want to validate their existing knowledge, be exposed to global best practice and learn the newest tools, techniques and methodologies of Customer Experience (CX)


All core CX competencies, including CX Strategy and brand proposition

The role of employees in delivering the strategy

Customer journey mapping

CX measurement (VOC, VOE and VOP)

CX improvement and CX Culture.

Ian Golding

Global Customer Experience Specialist and Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)


February 07/08
Online CX Professional Masterclass February 2022

Price £999 799

Region UK
Timezone BST
February 09
Online CCXP Exam Preparation Workshop February 2022

Price £449 349

Region UK
Timezone BST
February 22/23
In-Person CX Professional Masterclass February

Price $1360

Region Gulf Region
Timezone GMT+4
April 11/12
Online CX Professional Masterclass April 2022

Price £999 799

Region UK
Timezone BST
April 13
Online CCXP Exam Preparation Workshop April 2022

Price £449 349

Region UK
Timezone BST
July 04/05
Online CX Professional Masterclass July 2022

Price £999 799

Region UK
Timezone BST
July 06
Online CCXP Exam Preparation Workshop July 2022

Price £449 349

Region UK
Timezone BST


“I want to thank you for your inspirational delivery at the CX Masterclass. I took it as a given that you deliver CX training when I signed up, but what you also delivered was passion. I’m excited about what this means for me and the next steps in my Customer Experience journey, and I hope to work with you at some point in the future.”

Jenny Brightmore E-commerce Investigations Manager

“Ian is very knowledgeable and his training style is very clear, simple and rich in real life examples. The content is absolutely compelling. Thank you also for the support and care from Antonija and the certificate of attendance!”

Vanessa Milan Voice of the Customer

“Super responsive staff, amazing experience and Ian’s knowledge on the topic is beyond imagination.”

Akos Tolnai CEO

“I enjoyed the course. It reinforced in some areas, but a lot of day 2 was new content and very engaging. Day 2 was very strong, both in content and in delivery. I think it is preferable to have both facilitators on both days as their styles are very different and a balance of the two on both days would be perfect. Content on day 2 was exactly what I needed.”

Unette Spencer Principal Consultant