The podcast market is rapidly booming. Listeners love to hear good storytelling and uncensored, spontaneous conversations. To stand out from the crowd, however, producers need to constantly deliver an exceptional podcast listener experience. The CXM team shares exciting industry news about the partnership between Alida, the world’s first CXM & Insights Platform, and PodPlays on their way to breaking traditional listening offers.

Using technology to gather customer insights

Alida (formerly Vision Critical) today announced that PodPlays, a family-friendly audio drama podcast, has chosen Alida Touchpoint to glean continuous and real-time listener feedback. Alida’s technology will support them further in bringing informed decisions and meet its audience expectations.

“At PodPlays, our mission is to create a new and original way to deliver music to our listeners outside of traditional mechanisms,” said David P. Allen, Founder and General Manager of PodPlays. “We partnered with Alida to implement Alida Touchpoint on our website and social media channels to meet our listeners where they are and gather in-the-moment insights into their daily behaviours.”

Capturing real-time podcast listener feedback

In today’s fast-growing podcast industry, it’s vital for media companies to gather feedback and opinions from their listeners in real-time. Alida Touchpoint mobile application is designed to easily connect with current and potential customers. The app helps listeners engage with the brands through their preferred social and digital channels and share feedback or other preference data. PodPlays will use the collected feedback to make conscious choices and create the best experience, content, and brand messaging for PodPlay’s listeners, further adding value to its partners.

As CEO Ross Wainwright, CEO at Alida, stated for the press, putting listeners first is the key to podcast success. The partnership between these two parties looks to create just the base for a customer-first oriented digital solution. It is an opportunity for PodPays to leverage real-time agility and stay among leading podcast platforms.

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