TribeCX creates a Global Community to Support the ‘CXO’

December 29, 20166min

TribeCX is launching an online community of leading practitioners to provide best practice advice in customer experience. The TribeCX community is committed to developing global CX standards, and support the future development of CX functions around the world with sector specific insight, benchmarking tools and shared learning.

The issue of Customer Experience has become a primary focus in boardrooms. Earlier this year, Temkin Group found that a modest increase in customer experience can generate an average of USD823 million in additional revenue, over three years, for a USD1 billion company.  Customers are purchasing more from these companies.  They try more of the new their offerings and are likely to forgive if a mistake is made during the experience.

The role that effective Customer Experience can play in delivering tangible business success is impressive.  But the discipline is still evolving, and roles in customer experience can vary greatly from one business to another.

To help shape the industry’s evolution, the TribeCX community has been formed by a ‘tribe’ of customer experience professionals with over 55 years of collective knowledge.

The ‘Founders’, include David Hicks, founder and former CEO at Mulberry Consulting; Craig Lee, formerly CX and Brand at Emirates; Penny Couchman, who has consulted for Saudi Telecom Company, Abu Dhabi Airports and HP; Doug Houston, who held CX roles with Retail Direct and BP; Brad Smith, who had CX and Service leadership roles with Yahoo!, Sage and Oracle; and Nigel Howlett, formerly President International at IRI Worldwide and global EVP at OgilvyOne worldwide, make up the founding team.

As a group, they have spent 10 months researching the CX market in the run-up to its launch, visiting 17 countries to gain a better understanding of the practical challenges customer experience professionals face. The result is a single hub created for CX practitioners hosted at The opportunity to share ideas and challenges in a practical and collaborative working manner, will help practitioners change the experiences delivered to customers.

A part of the tribe is a team of ‘Tribal Elders’ who have been invited to provide actionable advice to members of TribeCX looking for self-support and discussion.

The Elders will be creating their own blogs and articles for members, alongside running practitioner forums.

In addition, the TribeCX team has developed a free assessment tool for individual professionals to identify strengths and weaknesses in a CX journey. The online tool assesses the state of CX from individuals in organisations. It provides recommendations on CX priorities and confirms the direction to drive better business results.

David Hicks, CEO at TribeCX says:

“Customer experience is a relatively new discipline, and as it develops, no two roles are precisely alike. The idea of creating a customer experience portal to help this valuable discipline develop stemmed from the realisation that there were no CX practitioner-led communities that provided support and advice to succeed in their roles.

“All too often, businesses employ a CX professional and provide them with the brief of ‘transforming customer experience’. This throws up a series of common challenges; co-ordinating numerous teams with different priorities, understanding and integrating the right technology, using data effectively and measuring effectively. The TribeCX platform is a space where CX practitioners can share solutions, support others, and seek advice regardless of their level of CX understanding. It’s a platform that’s been developed by CX professionals for CX practitioners.”

Commenting on the launch, Bruce Temkin, Managing Partner of the Temkin Group and industry visionary, said,

“As the CX market matures, companies need more practical guidance on how to apply proven best practices. It’s great to see a new model for organisations to learn from CX experts such as Brad Smith, Craig Lee and David Hicks.”

Craig Lee, CCO at TribeCX added, “Customer experience is diverse and challenging for businesses to embrace. It has so many moving parts. For one part to work, it all needs to work. It is often a lonely space and I am certain that CX specialists will greatly value having access to a community of likeminded and experienced individuals they can turn to for help, advice and support. It’s why we started TribeCX!”

For CX practitioners looking to share their top tips, or collaboratively explore new and innovative customer experience initiatives, visit

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Tribe CX

Tribe CX

TribeCX is an online community of practitioners leading the way when it comes to best practice in customer experience. The TribeCX portal is a goldmine of information and advice for the progressive CX practitioner. TribeCX get practitioners working together. They offer easy-to-follow advice and play host to a supportive community where practitioners can share their ideas. Launched in 2016, the community is comprised of ‘The Founders’ who have a combined 55 years of experience. Industry sectors include transport and logistics, technology, gaming, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, aviation, education, hospitality and publishing. As well as ‘The Elders’, currently working at some of the biggest businesses to implement CX strategies. A subscription service delivering knowledge solutions that help practitioners develop true business value, the TribeCX portal is a supportive and valuable source of insight for the modern CX practitioner.  It is comprised of thought leadership, instructional toolkits, forums and one-on-one guidance sessions. Professionals working in the CX industry are invited to become members of our tribe, to share ideas and ensure a collaborative working space, as the discipline continues to evolve.

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