In an ideal world, marketers would build results-driven campaigns effortlessly and cost-effectively. However, stringent budgets, rising consumer expectations, and the prioritisation of personalisation are among the biggest obstacles holding marketers back.

Savvy digital marketers are leveraging tool integration to overcome these challenges. This approach allows different marketing applications to share data and communicate with one another. Marketers can keep everything in one convenient location without the need to juggle multiple tools and technologies. This saves time and money while optimising efficiency and ROI.

The merger of Oracle Responsys and WhatsApp Business API is an example of how two tools could work better together. Mitto, a leading provider of global omnichannel communications solutions, announced this partnership in September 2023. Let us walk you through the functionalities and potentials this collaboration will unlock for brands.

What is Oracle Responsys? 

For years, Oracle has served as a holistic platform supporting brands with sales, marketing, human resources, and finance, to mention just a few. There are different branches and applications, but the one we focus on here is Oracle Responsys. Mitto’s Oracle Responsys integration capabilities make it simple for businesses to add WhatsApp to their omnichannel marketing strategies from a single, user-friendly platform.

Further in the article, we are going to explore how the collaboration between Oracle and WhatsApp will leverage communication and efficiency, but first, let’s review what users can do with Oracle Responsys:

With Oracle Responsys, users can:

  • Create hyper-personalised messaging with customer segmentation
  • Respond to customers’ inquiries in real-time on all digital channels
  • Provide a seamless customer experience across all platforms and touchpoints
  • Improve time-to-market with customisable workflows 

What is WhatsApp Business?   

Over the past few years, we registered the boom of WhatsApp applications across different industries. Businesses recognise the enormous power of applying WhatsApp for efficient communication with customers. What are some of the advantages we have in mind? Sales and marketing teams can use WhatsApp Business to run campaigns, answer questions automatically, address issues, and send updates and alerts. With high open rates (around 98%), click rates (60%), and most messages read within the first five minutes (about 80%), businesses can boost ROI and connect better with customers.

By opening a WhatsApp Business account, companies can:

  • Create a business profile
  • Join the WhatsApp Business directory
  • Respond to customers swiftly and securely

With over two billion users across 190 countries and 99% open rates, businesses can boost their reach and conversion rates. 

Better together: Oracle Responsys and WhatsApp Business   

With Mitto’s Oracle Responsys integration solutions, digital marketers can create WhatsApp Business messages directly from the Oracle platform. Some of the top benefits of integrating WhatsApp Business with Oracle Responsys include:

  • Faster and more effective engagement than email: With WhatsApp Business, marketers can send real-time messages and notifications to keep their brand top-of-mind.
  • Tapping into new markets: Want to expand your global footprint? WhatsApp Business allows companies to reach lucrative new markets, including Latin America and India.
  • Better results: WhatsApp messages have 99% open rates, 60% click rates, and 80% of them are read within the first five minutes.
  • Builds trust: Companies can create a brand badge to identify their official business chat and protect customers’ sensitive information with end-to-end encryption. This deepens trust and boosts brand loyalty.
  • 360-degree customer visibility: Since WhatsApp Business is fully integrated with Oracle Responsys, marketers have instant access to real-time customer insights and data. This helps them craft personalised and relevant campaigns for individual consumers.  
  • Unite engagement and loyalty: Brands can seamlessly combine their digital marketing initiatives and customer loyalty programs. This ensures customers stay connected and current while rewarding them for their repeat business.

WhatsApp Business marketing best practices   

Use these three tips to maximise WhatsApp marketing campaign results.

  • Personalise content: Harness the power of Oracle Responsys’ advanced segmentation and analytics to personalise messages. Use data such as location, gender, income, interests, and prior purchasing activity.
  • Provide value: Your WhatsApp messages should bring value to the table for consumers. Send customers personalised promotions, exclusive offers, or helpful information.
  • Add WhatsApp Business to your larger omnichannel strategies: Use WhatsApp Business alongside other marketing channels, including Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. This improves CX by delivering consistent interactions across every digital platform.   

Unlock the power of WhatsApp Business with Mitto Oracle Responsys Integrations   

Mitto’s Oracle Responsys integration capabilities allow users to connect to WhatsApp Business through the Oracle Marketplace. This makes it simple to add WhatsApp to your existing marketing strategies.

Your marketing team can easily customise WhatsApp messages, drive customer engagement, and improve conversion and ROI.

Contact Mitto today to learn how our integration solutions will turbocharge your marketing efforts.

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