According to a report compiled from results gathered by Revuze, 80 per cent of consumers have a positive sentiment towards SMART TV, while 20 per cent give neutral or negative reviews.

When customers are looking to buy a new Smart TV, there is a list of variables to consider before choosing the one that suits their needs. The topics that are most often associated with purchasing in this market are overall satisfaction, value for money, ease of use, picture quality and a few more.

Apart from the general topics that are usually associated with the previous generations of tv devices, customers are now considering three different main qualities before picking a Smart TV, and these are:

1. Applications

The primary feature which distinguishes Smart TVs in the market is its ability to connect to the Internet, enabling consumers to download apps and streaming services.

Consumers are mostly dissatisfied with the performance of applications on Smart TVs, saying that they often experience apps freezing, crashing, or not being updated regularly.

2. Voice recognition

This practical feature of Smart TVs allows users to access and navigate the menu of the tv device. While it was previously available on mobile phones and speakers, users are gladly using the feature to control and search for content even without the remote.

3. Smell

The one unexpected characteristic users include in their reviews is the smell, mostly in a negative tone. A number of reviewers mentioned the chemical smell of the plastic as a con after purchasing a Smart TV of one brand.

Although the topic of smell does not seem to have major importance in overall experience with Smart TV, it should not be completely disregarded.


Consumers are still buying Smart TVs because of their ever-improving picture quality, the smart feature – connection to the Internet, and ease of use, which accounts for stable growth in the recent years, amassing over 30 billion in the market revenue in the US alone in 2019.


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