Measurable data, we know, is crucial. In particular, tracking performance metrics is a great way to access valuable information into your business. And many factors play into organisational performance too. 

To help us understand, Zendesk have released a new whitepaper into performance metrics. From there, we have new insights into how to be future-driven and keep your lead. 

Championing your CX efforts and goals

According to the Zendesk whitepaper, 64% of companies say that customer service has a direct impact on their business performance. Customer service standards have also changed so much over recent years. Customers are expecting the very best from businesses and will reject those that don’t meet their high standards. 

Further, 60% say that customer service impacts customer retention, because of the reasons stated above. How are companies responding to this and how can they improve? 

In line with higher and changing customer expectations, Zendesk monitored slipping CSAT scores and waning customer patience across the board. These have revealed that, despite the importance placed on them for business performance, customer expectations simply aren’t being met. 

In Zendesk’s report, they also refer to CX Champions as a base to monitor improvement. To assess how performance is slipping at the highest levels, they revealed that only 35% of 2022 Champions have an average response time of less than one hour. Compared to 2021, it’s taking longer for Champions to resolve customer issues — if they can resolve them at all. Resolution times are up and teams are seeing fewer one- touch tickets, which means more effort and frustration for customers. 

CX Champions – those who are at the top of their game and promote their businesses forward – are risking falling behind. 

What’s the solution to this decline?

Improving your customer service and overall performance to retain customers is a must-do for all businesses. But with everything that Zendesk has already shared – higher customer expectations, Champions falling behind – what can be done? 

Directly from the report, Zendesk stated – “the time is now to implement smart strategies that accelerate your CX strategy and build resilience into your business. Will you pull ahead or fall behind?”

There are three key places where Champions must excel. Perfecting these areas will aid better performance:

  • Balance human and automation strategy 
  • Integrate key data from critical apps 
  • Evolve the role of CX

Zendesk, in this whitepaper, are keen to help improve businesses’ performance – providing suggestions throughout. They outline that to excel in those key areas stated above, you should chart your path to CX success. This can be done, by Zendesk’s recommendation, through personalised playbooks and their tailored recommendations. 

Spanning over 8 sections, the CX Accelerator Report is the perfect read to evolve the role of CX in your business, and improve those performance metrics. The suggestions involve, but are not limited to: 

  • Integrating key data from apps
  • Balancing human and automation strategy. Companies utilising bot and human hand offs jumped from 52% to 64% last year!
  • Being proactive and embracing change

Amongst the suggestions, the whitepaper is a powerful reminder of the role of CX excellence, and how it requires a commitment to necessary and impactful changes. 

To find out how to evolve the role of CX, help CX Champions hit their key targets, and improve performance metrics for all-around business success, get started on reading the Zendesk CX Accelerator Report. Let it educate you, motivate you, and inspire you. 

Download the report for free from the CXM website today. 

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