Live Chat Market Shaken Up as [24]7 Reaches 5000 Dedicated Chat Agents

[24]7 announced that it has become the world’s largest provider of chat agents, with 5000 dedicated chat agents providing digital assistance for the biggest brands in financial services, communications, retail, technology and travel. [24]7’s innovative chat services reinvent traditional chat by coupling technology-enabled “digital chat agents” with proven customer service best practices to deliver successful interactions in a more cost-effective way.

[24]7 has been able to overtake competitors thanks to an unparalleled ability to deflect phone calls to chat – long a key objective of the world’s largest service-oriented consumer brands. Leveraging a decade of expertise in assisted service, [24]7 digital chat agents now outperform voice agents, achieving costs that are 20% lower while improving Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 10 points or more.

Through proprietary technology and processes for managing chat operations, [24]7 digital chat agents are more efficient and productive than the rest of the industry. When compared to other chat agents, [24]7 digital chat agents consistently deliver better performance as measured by first contact resolution, average handle time, sales conversion, or NPS rating. [24]7 digital chat agents are experienced in delivering value using all major chat solutions in the industry.

“Our growth and ability to capture market share in chat is purely down to the fact that where others have failed, we have helped enterprises move more phone calls to chat while improving service and lowering costs,” said PV Kannan, CEO and Co-Founder of [24]7. “By removing the cost barrier that has long prevented companies from adopting these digital options, [24]7 is making chat agent services key to the enterprise’s customer engagement strategy.”

The new data presented by [24]7 shows positive results in terms of migrating phone interactions to chat at a lower cost, a conundrum that the majority of large enterprises face as they seek to reduce costs and improve NPS.

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