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diskless working

Doing it deskless: the rise of gig CX, freelancers, and hybrid settings

The term ‘workspace’ has undergone several generational shifts as people are beginning to adapt to different work environments. Last year, it was recorded that more than half of employees have flexible working arrangements in their current role. The change from a permanent office set up to...

Employee experience in 2024

Could 2024 be defined by the thrilling convergence of employee and customer experiences?

In the fast-paced world of business, the start of a new calendar year presents a great opportunity to look in the rear-view mirror and then shift into higher gear. 2023 was characterised by shifting economic landscapes, tightening regulations, fast-changing consumer preferences and pressure to...

inclusive CX industry

Empowering people of colour: strategies for building a more inclusive CX industry

The CX industry is constantly growing with more and more companies paying attention to the concept. In fact, a recent study showed that around 49% of business leaders say that CX is their top priority over product and price.  However, like many other...

cybersecurity checks for new employees

Security and cybersecurity considerations for employee onboarding

HR departments and senior management teams often spearhead onboarding, but your IT, security, and cybersecurity teams are integral. Onboarding new employees requires the establishment of safe accounts, physical security passes, and other security considerations – are you making these processes as...

Black entrepreneur resilience

How to build resilience as a black CX entrepreneur

The American Psychological Association describes resilience as the process and outcome of successfully adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences. Especially through mental, emotional, and behavioural flexibility.  As a Black business owner, there has been a particular need for me to develop a high level of...

Helping mental health in the workplace

How to take care of your employees: having a proactive, sensitive approach to mental health in the workplace

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. 1 in 6 report a common, recurring mental health problem each week. Around 3 in 100 people in England are diagnosed with depression every...

social media marketing burnout

Burning bright without burning out – exploring the state of mind of the modern social media manager

World Mental Health Day is a timely reminder for organisations to examine the employee experience. Are employees happy, heard and valued? It’s widely understood that employees who feel fulfilled and personally connected to an organisation’s mission perform better – inspiring happier...

EX strategy

A behavioural scientist’s plea for building better EX strategy

It’s all about experiences these days. At the heart of the movement is the ability for businesses to manage experience in order to be successful, or as Qualtrics puts it: “Better people experiences. Better business outcomes.” It wasn’t always like...

Happy work environment for employees to thrive

6 ways to create an environment for employees to thrive

What does it mean to thrive in 2023? With the year being defined by substantial inflation and the looming presence of economic downturn, numerous teams have undertaken a singular objective: streamline costs while still maximising expansion opportunities.  It goes without saying that...

Implementing a winning employee onboarding process. A puzzle showing how an employee fits in.

What is your onboarding process saying about your employee experience? 

The employee experience begins at the first point of contact. A good onboarding process can be defined through the 3 top things CX leaders are looking for: timely feedback, simple process, and time invested in preparation of interviews and the onboarding programme. If done right, employee onboarding brings unforeseen...

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