CloudShare, the leading software experience platform, has announced a new integration with Salesforce. A platform designed to empower Sales Reps to make better business decisions based on data, leading to more conversions and sales success.   

During the pandemic, B2B sales reps have increasingly looked to online solutions to enhance their customer acquisition and retention efforts. Many reps turned to static demos through video conferencing tools. However, they found that these tools were too passive, and prospects did not have a good experience.  

In fact, Gartner reported that 77% of B2B companies stated that their latest purchase was complex. CloudShare’s enterprise-grade software experience platform is the perfect fit, allowing sales teams to conduct POC demos and training sessions in a highly engaging and interactive way.  

What the integration will do for CloudShare 

The new integration will enable these same users to seamlessly manage prospects and customers’ experiences via Salesforce, tracking their interactions with the CloudShare-powered virtual platform.  

“The Salesforce integration is a direct result of customer demand as we learned that using multiple systems made the whole sales process inefficient. This integration will transform how Sales Reps manage end-to-end interactions with their prospects and customers. It will not only save sales teams’ time and optimize their productivity but will help them to drive customer acquisition and retention which will ultimately impact the bottom line.” said Dr. Zvi Guterman, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

The capabilities Safesforce brings 

The new capabilities enable users to connect their CloudShare accounts directly to Salesforce. Users can populate data from CloudShare projects and choose how often they want to sync this information. Once the data is populated into Salesforce, users can create reports and analyse the information to make better business decisions and close more deals.  

Other benefits include: 

  • An end to manual data transfers from CloudShare to third-party platforms, which will be particularly welcomed by non-technical users 
  • A single source of truth for all training and POC data maximizes value for CloudShare customers 
  • Automatically updated prospect/user data saves sales teams time and effort 
  • Non-CloudShare users can also track the results of classes and POCs 
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