Do you wish to become a Customer Experience Consultant but don’t know where to start? Analytical thinking and innovation are expected to be the top skills in 2025, which means Customer Experience Consultants will have loads of job opportunities. If you’re looking to become one, now is the time to get informed and start preparing for the journey!

CXM gathers all the important information in one place so early starters can find their way to the profession. As we collaborate tightly with CX Consultants all over the world, we provide you with first-hand experiences and opinions from our brilliant stars. Therefore, you can expect to get lots of useful information about CX consulting as well as to read some quotes from well-known CX professionals.

What is a Customer Experience Consultant?

Customer Experience Consultants are professionals with wide knowledge and an array of tasks within the CX industry. They typically work with clients to understand their customer base and help them deliver a better overall experience. Regardless of the client’s industry or the customer base type, these consultants work to identify issues and find solutions.

The main role of Customer Experience Consultants is to help businesses create outstanding experiences. With their assistance, companies improve conversion rates, foster loyalty, increase brand recognition, and much more. Read on to find out how CX consultants achieve all these goals.

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To provide you with first-hand insights, we asked our CX star and influencer Rebecca Brown to give her opinion on the biggest challenges of a CX consultancy. Rebecca, Co-Founder of Think Wow, said the following for CXM:

The biggest challenge as a new consultant is to make money by finding your own customers. The best thing we ever did was to grow our network and build genuine relationships. It’s meant that we’ve had a steady stream of inbound leads and found some incredible customers who care enough about their own customers to ask how they can do better!

What does a Customer Experience Consultant do?

The job of a Customer Experience Consultant is to help brands identify business values and immerse them successfully into their CX strategies. Every action this CX professional takes has the goal to improve the end-to-end customer journey.

According to CCXP Ian Golding, these six competencies help CX practitioners evaluate their maturity level: customer-centric culture, the voice of the customer, organizational adoption and accountability, CX strategy, experience design, and finally, metrics and measurement.

Some of the most common operations include user research, customer journey mapping, CX strategy design, and performance measurement. Let’s break down what each one of them holds.

Mastering customer journey mapping

The illustration shows all the tasks of the Customer Experience Consultant.

One has to master both qualitative and quantitative research to successfully map a customer journey. The action of customer journey mapping is often one of the first steps in identifying a holistic experience one has within the company.

To gather breakthrough insights, the consultant has to run series of one-to-one interviews, analyse existing data, and finally visualize the whole journey. The end goal of this operation is for a company to understand pitfalls and opportunities for further investments.

Finally, the journey map is there to create common knowledge and help customer experience consultants further negotiate CX improvements.

Designing a winning CX strategy

One of the most important steps in building a human-centred brand should be designing a CX strategy. A solid one should keep business objectives, employees’ needs, and customers’ expectations aligned. In fact, it’s the Customer Experience Consultant’s job to conduct research and identify potential misalignments and pain points. At this stage, a consultant needs to demonstrate high collaboration and readiness to include different stakeholders, since a winning CX strategy is always co-created.

However, a successful CX is more than just a strategy and has to include organizational culture. Knowing what motivates people to provide the best possible service is the real competitive advantage. As a CX professional, you have to be ready to put people at the heart of everything you do. Building a customer-centric culture is a safe path to employee productivity, customer loyalty, and satisfaction.

Selecting the right CX metrics  

To check if your CX strategy is working, you will have to know where to look and what to measure. As a CX consultant, you have to master the science of data analytics and performance measurements tools such as NPS, CSAT, and CES. Your task is to actively track and collect feedback at each customer touchpoint. Being knowledgeable and decisive about the right CX metrics to track is a desirable skill.

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It’s also important to highlight that the combination of all these skills makes a truly successful CX professional. We asked our CX star Lee Jones for opinion, and here’s what Growth Director at Elev-8 said for CXM:

The value that a CX consultant can bring to an organisation depends on the experience they have, as well as the license they have to operate and instigate change where needed.

How to become a Customer Experience Consultant?

Formal education is not required for the role of Customer Experience Consultant, although most employers prefer candidates who hold some type of certification. If you wish to become a certified customer experience professional CCXP, you will need a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree, along with experience in CX related roles. Additional certification can further help you master the skills and stand out from others when looking for a job or a client as an individual consultant.

Steps you can take to obtain CCXP certification

Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) accreditation demonstrates a professional has the necessary education, experience, and competence to work in CX roles. You can check whether you’re already eligible to become CCXP here.

A CX Consultant has to have outstanding analytical skills, solid experience in the CX field, and the ability to use data to create adequate business plans. Luckily, there are training sessions specially designed to help professionals perfect skills in these areas.

The CX Masterclass includes in-depth classes with Ian Golding, Global Customer Experience Specialist and CCXP. CXM also offers CCXP Exam Preparation Workshop for everyone who feels ready to take the next step in becoming a customer experience consultant.


The ability of CX consultants to work with different stakeholders lies in their deep expertise and creativity. Effective CX professionals are great collaborators and can inspire change within an organisation.

An illustration of CX Consultant tasks highlights the importance of having wide knowledge and experience in the field.

They work with both customers and leaders to better understand their motivation, break silos, and encourage positive changes for the benefit of all sides. At a time of global crisis, this proves to be of the essence, and therefore, increases the world’s need for CX consultants.

It’s important to note that these professionals can have different approaches to the role. They also tend to adopt various methodologies, especially when confronted with challenges within different industries. Hence, finding an organisation that values and benefits from your methods is crucial.

CX Consultant jobs

As a Customer Experience Consultant, you will be responsible for improving customer service by communicating with consumers and business clients. You can achieve these goals through your own independent agency or seek employment in businesses that need your help and expertise.

If you’re looking for customer experience consultant jobs, check out our international job base. Type in the role, the location, and the expected salary, and wait for the results! We have many job openings for Customer Experience Consultants, and you’ll certainly find a suitable fit.

Similar CX roles:

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Customer Experience Associates typically have entry-level positions and interact directly with customers. They mostly execute daily tasks such as answering emails and communicating with customers.

CX Analyst

The main job of Customer Experience Analysts is to gather and interpret customer data. They conduct surveys to collect consumer feedback, analyse and interpret collected data, and create reports for the management.

CX Specialist

These professionals focus on all interactions people have with the brand and optimize every touchpoint through the customer journey. They also work to implement technology for better CX results.

CX Director

CX Directors hold leadership roles and oversee the entire CX team. They are responsible for planning, managing, and executing CX strategies and projects.

Find these and other CX job openings in our job section.

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