Dubai International (DXB) is rebranding as a “destination itself” as it aims to attract more visitors to the Emirate.

The hub is the world’s busiest airport for international passengers, and has seen an annual average growth rate of more than 13 percent, with 2018 traffic surpassing 89.1 million. In December it achieved a milestone when it welcomed its billionth customer.

The airport’s connectivity to more than 240 destinations across six continents on over 100 airlines, and its state-of-the-art facilities, have contributed to the increase in yearly passenger traffic.

Now Dubai Airports, which owns and manages DXB, wants to enhance the airport’s facilities and elevate the Customer Experience to entice travellers to stay longer in the Emirate, as well as convert connecting passengers into repeat visitors through a rebranding exercise.

The airport operator recently unveiled a new brand for the airport, which it hopes will turn DXB into “a destination in itself” through the creation of immersive virtual experiences.

There will  be zones throughout the airport’s concourses for retail, F&B, and themed attractions to cater to DXB’s diverse customer base. Additionally, there will be a family zone, a downtown Dubai-themed zone, and an Arabian corridor that will include locally inspired cuisine from Emirati startups.

DXB’s rebranding exercise also signifies Dubai Airport’s transition from an airport operator to a “consumer-led company”.

The airport’s new logo features two arrows meeting to form the three-dimensional ‘X’ in DXB, representing the “space in between” landing and take-off, and the experiences waiting for travellers.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed, Chairman of Dubai Airports, said: “Aviation, tourism, and travel have been fundamental in Dubai’s growth story and we believe this investment will yield further dividends by encouraging repeat traffic and enticing connecting passengers to visit Dubai.

“We are making a clear statement that will ensure DXB continues to be one of the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking airports for years to come.”

Paul Griffiths, Dubai Airports’ Chief Executive, said: “The new branding reflects the fresh direction and truly transforms DXB into the airport of the future, one that is led by a more customer-centric approach.

“It also represents the ways in which we connect the world, not only by physically facilitating access to over 220 destinations around the world, but by transporting our customers through their experience of different cultures, food, music and art.”

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