CliniSupplies is a leading provider of Medical Supplies across all healthcare sectors including an extensive range of urology, wound and skin management products. Established in 2000, the company has recorded strong year on year growth since its inception. Our record of success hasn’t been by luck or accident, but by design. I’d like to share what CliniSupplies has done to achieve such success and deliver an experience that has resulted in such a high rate of repeat business from our valued customers.

A key achievement has been the tremendous success story of our UK wide home delivery service for medical appliances. A highly valued and reliable service, it enables those who find it difficult or inconvenient to get out, to have their appliances delivered direct to their home. To add further value and service offerings to our customers, we recently launched our Clinidirect website, our new online pharmacy, providing innovative healthcare solution. Customers can now have all their appliance and medicine requirements delivered direct to their home or if preferred, their office.

So, how has CliniSupplies built such a loyal, growing customer base in such a challenging market environment? The answer isn’t down to one specific action or strategy, but a carefully planned business model and approach that puts the customer first, and at the heart of all the decisions we make.

The values that underpin the way we conduct our business are founded on four key principles: Customers, People, Innovation and Honesty.

Interacting daily with people who have intimate and very personal healthcare issues, we are acutely aware of how important it is to deliver the highest levels of customer service at every stage of the customer journey.  Not just sometimes, not even most times, but every time! We know that service excellence is hard to copy, so we are relentless in delivering the highest standards of service to ensure satisfaction, and this is what differentiates CliniSupplies from our competitors in the marketplace today.

Our philosophy is to treat every customer as our most important customer, because at the very moment we are dealing with them, that is exactly what they are. Every customer counts and we strive to ensure their experience when interacting with us is a memorable one, so they will want to continue their relationship with us long into the future and recommend us to others. There is no better marketing or sales opportunity than your customers recommending you to others, and we are proud of our record.


The success of any strategy depends on one thing… our ability to execute it! Our unique approach to recruitment places a strong emphasis on attitude, as this is what customer service is all about. In addition to the normal considerations of culture fit, skills, abilities etc. we demonstrate passion and commitment to internal customer service as it is fundamental to how we work and fit together as a team, irrespective of department or function. This ensures total alignment with how in practical terms, we live by our values and every employee, from the Managing Director downwards, understands we all have responsibility for delivering service excellence, not just the people working in the front line.


We continually strive to improve all we do to operate an effective business in a forward thinking way, ever mindful of the needs of our customers. In 2007, after consulting various professionals in the field, to minimize the risk of infection and improve patient care, we decided to offer as an additional benefit, at no extra cost to the customer, sterile vinyl gloves in our Catheter packs. In 2012, after further feedback from professionals in the field, we replaced these gloves with higher quality non-Latex nitrile sterile gloves to protect against cross infection and maximise valuable carer time.  We are proud to be the only company we know of who provide gloves at no extra cost to the customer in our Catheter packs.


The foundation upon which all relationships are built, is trust. In order to build and develop strong, meaningful, long lasting relationships, we conduct our business through being open, transparent and act with the utmost integrity at all times whether it be with customers, suppliers or colleagues.

CliniSupplies Training Academy

Many companies today only focus their customer service training on front line staff. At CliniSupplies, everyone in the company is trained in customer service to increase awareness of how their attitude towards internal customer service can impact on customers externally and impact the bottom line. As an experienced trainer in customer service, I am able to frame the concepts and principles of customer service then relate and apply them in practice to CliniSupplies, to ensure training is meaningful, relevant and applied daily as a habit, and not an event.


Our aim, quite simply, is to ensure that service delivery of the CliniSupplies kind, has no equal in the marketplace. The success of our strategy, and its successful execution and delivering our business objectives, has enabled us to create an ever growing loyal customer base. I hope you have enjoyed learning of our journey. Please contact me if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.

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