The new era is here, and with it the path to eCommerce success. By joining SALESmanago’s dynamic webinar with renowned eCommerce experts you get to explore innovative strategies to elevate customer engagement and differentiate your business from the crowd.

We are excited to invite you to a power-packed webinar diving into how to thrive in the competitive eCommerce environment. Hosted by CXM and lead by SALESmanago’s representatives who are experts in this field, join us on 24th August 2023 at 2pm GMT!

Who are the speakers?

SALESmanago have carefully selected their speakers for this press release, and we cannot wait to hear their insights. Who will we be listening to?

Vinny O’Brien

Vinny has over 15 years of experience in online retail, digital marketing, and eCommerce consulting. He is the Group Strategy Director at TRC Solutions, and Chief Technology Officer at Tranquillity.

Vinny knows all about eCommerce, retail and brand strategy. He is the perfect personality to have in this exciting talk!

Ashleigh Auld

Ashleigh has 12+ years of experience in marketing and commercial partner growth. She is currently the Global Partner Marketing Director at SALESmanago. We’re excited to have someone from the team on board!

Why you need to tune in!

The eCommerce is a large industry on the rise. There’s so much to learn, and we need to hear from the best of the best on this one.

Discover the art of:

  • Crafting captivating content and personalised experiences to keep customers hooked.
  • Leveraging automation and cutting-edge technologies for impressive productivity and industry growth.
  • Building a sustainable plan that fosters customer loyalty and engagement.
  • Revolutionising customer experiences through personalized virtual fashion innovations.
  • Creating a winning marketing rhythm that resonates with customer preferences and industry trends.

By joining SALESmanago explore the extensive and fast-growing world of eCommerce, you will surely gain impactful insights from our distinguished speakers.

We eagerly anticipate your virtual presence so make sure to register today!

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