This year started with some important questions that continue to bother us as we walk towards the post-covid reality. Are we ready to work in the new environment? How and where will we work in the first place? Will we manage to create meaningful connections with others?

To help people navigate around all these burning questions, Sandra Thompson hosts an exciting event titled Ei Evolution Summit. As a founder of Ei Evolution CX & EX Consultancy, Sandra Thompson believes emotional intelligence and empathy are the forces companies need to foster for sustainable and successful customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), remote work experiences (RX), and Wellness.

Between May and October this year, all three premisses will be brought together throughout the rich venue. Ei Evolution Summit is a five-month-long event fully packed with in-depth conversations, workshops, masterclasses, talks, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. We are incredibly proud to announce that there is a 20% discount on Early Bird tickets for all CXM readers who use the code: CXM20.

In the following overview, we will walk you through the event’s most important aspects. Stay tuned, because CXM will keep you up to date with fresh stories and atmosphere from the summit.

What can you expect from the Ei Evolution Summit?

Sandra gave her first-ever TEDx back in October 2020, where she connected the ideas of remote work, emotional intelligence, and customer experience. During the event, she expressed her beliefs that emotional intelligence could be the missing ingredient for companies that want to create strong emotional connections with customers and employees.

Ei Evolution Summit should reflect these beliefs and bring people together around them. As Sandra explains, the event that goes on until October is the first of its kind.

“It’s an event in two parts, that’s why we have a plus sign after the word Summit. The first part is what we’re calling the Ei Learning Lounge. This is a 5-month programme of talks, workshops, discussions, and debates led by practitioners, academics, and solution providers in the world of CX, EX and RX. Each of these sessions will help us understand how emotion, empathy and emotional intelligence influences everything we do, and we’ll learn how to harness the power of what it means to be more human!”

There will be some exciting Wellness sessions too! These aim to help people learn new techniques for balancing physical and mental wellbeing. The special feature of the event will also be something we call ‘Senses Sessions’. If you’ve heard about Bhangra Dancing, Laughing Yoga or Sound Baths before, you already know how fun this session will be!

In June, the audience will have the opportunity to hear about Spotify’s opinion on Emotions and Music. This will follow with a deep dive into the world of proper remote work with Shopify.

What will happen during the main event in October?

This is a two-day programme in October where we have invited 16 thought leaders including Dr Daniel Goleman author of the multi-million bestseller ‘Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ, shared Sandra with CXM.

Day two of the Summit will be fully packed with 12 fantastic hands-on workshops lead by world-class facilitators. Some of them will help you build your storytelling skills, design a winning business case and sharpen your listening skills.

For more information, to receive regular updates and to book your ticket, follow the link.

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