Christmas may be the perfect time for gift giving, however when it comes to the workplace many bosses aren’t rewarding or recognising their employees with a token gift, according to new research.

A study of 1,000 UK workers published in the Most Generous Time of the Year Study by employee benefits platform Perkbox, revealed that 30 percent of employees have not received any gift from their boss or manager at Christmas.

Of those who do get a token gift from their boss at Christmas, more than one-in-three (35 percent) said they received a team meal out. This was followed by more traditional gifts, with 29 percent receiving a drink related gift such as a bottle of wine or alcohol, and a further 23 percent who said they receive a food related present like chocolate or a food hamper from their management at Christmas.

Interestingly for bosses, when workers were asked what they would like to get from their boss at Christmas, monetary gifts were favoured – 25 percent revealed they would like a money-based bonus such as cash, a bonus payment in their salary, or a gift card/voucher.

Meanwhile, a similar number (23 percent) said they would like to receive a festive pay rise from their boss as a present.

In fact, all age groups favoured a money-based bonus or a pay rise as a gift from their boss.

Chieu Cao, CMO & Co-Founder of Perkbox, said: “It is perhaps unsurprising to see that there is a disconnect between what employers give and what employees actually want to receive from their boss at Christmas. However, what is also interesting is the number of employees who don’t receive anything from management at all. Employers are clearly missing an opportunity to engage their staff – when they fail to reward and recognise them at Christmas.

“It’s a pity, as there are so many easy ways for employers to show their appreciation, and at a relatively small cost to the business. The positive impact of rewarding and recognising at Christmas would be increased productivity, and improved employee motivation and satisfaction, all year round.”

Top 10 gifts employees want from their boss at Christmas

  1. Money based bonus – e.g. cash, a bonus payment in your salary or a gift card/voucher
  2. A pay rise
  3. A team meal out
  4. An additional day off on Christmas Eve
  5. A drink related gift – e.g. a bottle of wine
  6. An early finish on a Friday/several Fridays in December
  7. A food related gift – e.g. a food hamper
  8. A piece of technology which is not given to you for work e.g. a tablet
  9. Working from home on Christmas Eve
  10. Flowers



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