Businesses all across the globe have had a lot on their plates lately. The pandemic has brought challenges even major companies had difficulties overcoming. With massive lockdowns and restrictions in place, small businesses were especially hit and continue to struggle as we see the ease of measures.

Following the global situation, Vistaprint, a global creative platform, decided to support 99 small businesses all over the world, providing financial donations and design revivals. Businesses across different locations will benefit from the global initiative, receiving donations to better meet the challenges of the pandemic. The CXM team got curious about the initiative and explored it in detail for you.

What does a 99designs programme include?

Vistaprint’s global initiative to empower small businesses is called 99 Days of Design. As small businesses have spent the past year adapting to extraordinary circumstances, additional funds and design solutions will play a key role in recovery as they begin to reopen their doors. Vistaprint is set to provide exactly those resources, committing to provide nearly $2 million to small businesses globally.

A photo of small businesses in UK that will receive support through funds and design solutions.

The programme is focused on businesses from 12 countries including United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, Italy, and others.

Each of the 14 UK small businesses will receive a refreshed brand identity and marketing materials, as well as a £12,000 donation to help their business evolve during this time of continued change.

All of the supported UK brands are representative of the small businesses we see across our most crucial industries such as wellness, fitness, health and wellbeing, pubs and restaurants, and more. Some of the businesses that will receive support are Redemption Roaster, the world’s first prison-based coffee company, and The Cross Foxes, the historic pub which dates back to 1780.

What to expect from the initiative?

A banner of the 99designs initiative.

Vistaprint also researched consumer shopping habits and came out with interesting results. For example, over half (52 per cent) of UK interviewees say they have been making efforts to shop at small businesses rather than big chains in the last year.

Furthermore, 41 per cent would even pay more for a service if that meant supporting a small business. Generation Z is leading the charge in shopping small, with over 49 per cent of them planning to support small businesses post-pandemic.

The 99designs initiative also joined the interviewees in support of small businesses. Although additional funds will probably help the most, marketing solutions are another great way of support.

We know how powerful great design can be in fuelling success for small business owners, 99designs by Vistaprint CEO Patrick Llewellyn said. Matching entrepreneurs with the right creative talent is where the magic happens when it comes to building a brand and growing a business. Through 99 Days of Design, we’re excited to share these stories of global creative connection and collaboration with the world.

CXM is glad to report on the initiative to empower small businesses and will definitely keep you updated on the results.

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