For some time now, customer experience has been the leading factor in determining the success of a business. Through various means, modern business are reshaping expectations and trends in CX and because of that everyone should stay on their guard and be ready to adopt the next innovation at a moment’s notice.

As more and more companies move towards a customer-centric business model, market trends and consumer expectations are heavily shifting towards serious customer experience.

Since these trends shift in accordance with customer desires, we’re seeing developments that are highly centered on customer success and overall approval.

In 2017 customer experience is at the forefront of all business plans in almost all industries and as business and CX evolves further, customer expectations will continue to develop further and require more effort from businesses to provide holistic solutions to their brand experience.

In order to understand these trends better, we’ve compiled a list of the most common factors that influence CX in 2017 along with some consumer expectations that need to be translated into tangible changes in any business.

Customer Success

A huge element of customer experience now is a strong focus and care for customer success. With customer centricity becoming a more prevalent topic of conversation in many industries, industries that serve the customer and provide services which the customer uses to develop something, or succeed, are seeing a much higher need for an emphasis on customer success. Businesses in industries such as banking for example, where customers used to be treated like just a number, are now being asked to commit themselves to the customer in an attempt to aid their efforts in whatever they wish to achieve.

Better Customer Support

Customer support has always been a huge influencing factor in the experience customers walk away with and this hasn’t changed. However what has is the rise of social media and the customer ability to heavily cripple a business with a bad review. This is why businesses are now way more cautious in the way the present themselves, especially when dealing with customers through support.

As such the expectation for great customer support has arisen but instead of trying to provide great support just to avoid bad reviews, businesses should do it because they care about the customer. The difference is easily noticed, with the latter being able to provide honest customer support that is truly appreciated by customers.


With the rise of newer technologies, service without a personal touch is becoming unacceptable. Gathering customer data is now easy as pie and every business should have the initiative to implement it in order to personalise their offers, if they wish to get noticed and stay competitive.

Customer Feedback

Feedback is now a very important element of any business plan for many companies around the globe. Since business plans and strategies are now prevalently structured around the customer, it only makes sense that their direct feedback is analysed, processed and included in any future plans.

Simply put, the customer has never been ‘more right’ and industries which haven’t had their fair share of customer centricity in the past are now being held up to the same level of standard as those that have.

That’s why any business owner should seriously look at their CX plans and try to include as much of the elements discussed here as possible. With rising expectations, more changes will have to be implemented in the future and by dealing with the current expectations now, a business can avoid being overwhelmed in the future as CX trends continue to evolve.

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