Turnkey solution allows ASDA to sell its gift cards to other businesses

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–More businesses than ever are using gift cards to reward, recognize, and build loyalty among employees, partners, and customers. First Data (NYSE: FDC), a global leader in commerce-enabling technology, today announced an agreement with ASDA, Walmart’s U.K. retail chain, to help ASDA capitalize on this trend. The agreement provides ASDA with a full-service, B2B eCommerce gift card storefront that makes it easy for ASDA to sell its gift cards to other businesses.

“These unique assets help companies build customer loyalty, reach new audiences, and increase brand awareness.


With more than 600 stores, ASDA is the latest First Data client to implement this turnkey B2B eCommerce platform. The comprehensive platform allows clients to leverage First Data’s integrated program management offerings, including sales and marketing, customer service and support, security and fraud monitoring, fulfilment, and analytics tracking.

“Corporate gift cards are extremely popular and represent a tremendous opportunity for businesses to reward their employees. First Data’s B2B eCommerce storefront solution allows companies to access this opportunity without using internal resources, giving our clients a simpler way to administer and manage corporate gift card programs,” said Dom Morea, senior vice president, Head of Gift Solutions at First Data.

First Data powers gift solutions programs for hundreds of the world’s largest brands and thousands of small and mid-sized businesses.

“First Data provides clients with end-to-end gift solutions from card design and issuing to fraud prevention and analytics,” said Barry McCarthy, executive vice president, Head of Network and Security Solutions at First Data. “These unique assets help companies build customer loyalty, reach new audiences, and increase brand awareness.”

In the example of ASDA, First Data makes it easy for other companies seeking to buy ASDA gift cards through an ASDA-branded website managed by First Data. After logging in with their credentials, a purchasing company’s representative can submit a card order ranging from one single card to hundreds of thousands. The purchasing company has the option to have the cards activated immediately or hold them for later.

“First Data has built an intuitive, comprehensive platform that enables companies to reward and incentivize their employees with ASDA gift cards,” said Katie Walley, Head of Money and Mobile at ASDA.

In addition to the full-service eCommerce Storefront, First Data’s Gift Solutions business segment includes Gyft®, First Data’s digital gift app, as well as closed loop digital and plastic gift cards, best in class prepaid fraud solutions, marketing advisory services and solutions, enterprise prepaid card processing services, card design, fulfillment, and distribution.

Source: Business Wire

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