We can’t really tell what was more popular recently, the drones or GoPro videos, but now GoPro is going to the next level trying to develop its very own drone platform, moving to the whole new level of amazing customer experience.

The very idea of combining these two is quite logical as GoPro can offer the best immersive camera on the market that is completely autonomous.

GoPro announced buying Kolor, a 360-degree video software vendor company in France that is developing a platform for stitching together videos coming from different GoPro units.

One of their latest acquisitions is in Switzerland where they bought Skybotix, a company with five years of experience in autonomous drone technology. Skybotix technology provides a visual navigation application that replaces GPS with much more accurate positioning.

Intel is supposed to have a role in this deal as well, with their Edison chipset embedded on open-source hardware computers. And from the perspective of software, the magic of drones can be found in Drone Operating System (DOS), that is, the autopilot. One of the big players in this field is Airware that is building the emerging drone ecosystem.

And as you go deeper and deeper in different segments of the market involved with this type of technology, you can witness a great number of big players GoPro will have to face with. However, having the assets to make the best flying camera on the market for B2C applications and opening possibilities for making a new professional applications for the B2B markets, GoPro certainly has what it takes to make the best flying camera on the market.

As their product is an absolute winner in the field of customer engagement and interaction, we believe that this strategic decision would only help GoPro win the hearts of their customer even more that so far.

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