The passion for doing right for users, employees, and the planet motivates CX leaders to constantly expand their interests and apply proven methodologies for solving wicked problems. Our insights and readership show us that the CX community is eager to learn, network, and make businesses better.

It is no wonder there are so many brilliant CX podcasts hosted by world-class voices who provide us with insights into various case studies and lessons from people setting the industry’s standards. Therefore, we decided to extend the initial list of the top five CX podcasts of 2022 with five more fantastic shows nominated by our readers. Let’s discover them together!

The top 5 CX podcasts of 2022 list is compiled from nominations by CXM newsletter readers. Thank you to everyone who shared their suggestions. Word-of-mouth still stays the best way to get noticed.

Human Duct Tape Show by Jeanne Bliss

Duct Tape Show is hosted by Jeanne Bliss, five-time Chief Customer Officer and author of “Would You Do That To Your Mother?” and “Chief Customer Officer 2.0.” Jeanne is joined by CCOs around the world as they share how they gain traction in transforming their business, leaders and operations.

Often referred to as the “Godmother of Customer Experience,” Jane is a customer-centric leadership expert whose work you should check out.

Start your journey with the Human Duct Tape Show podcast by listening to the insightful conversation below:

CX Insider by Gregory Copley and Valentina Svobodova

CX Insider was born in 2019 to initiate conversations with leading customer experience experts and bring positive change in different industries. Since then, we have released 60 episodes every two weeks, hosting some well-known names in CX.

Here are some of our favourite episodes:

  1. How is VR transforming patient experience with Denise Silber
  2. How to Apply Storytelling in User Experience with Chris Ashby

Doing CX Right by Stacy Sherman

Stacy is a Certified Customer Experience strategist, judge at Awards International, keynote speaker, writer, podcaster, and mentor. She has worked at companies of all sizes and industries over the past 20 years.

Start exploring Stacy’s podcast by listening to the two fantastic conversations she had with Bill Staikos and Adrian Swinscoe:

  1. Doing what’s right for customers while balancing internal processes
  2. Planning for cryptocurrency & new technology to enhance customer service experiences

Voices of CX Podcast by Mary Drumond

Mary Drumond is Chief Marketing Officer at Worthix, the world’s first cognitive dialogue technology and host of the Voices of Customer Experience Podcast. Originally a passion project, the podcast runs weekly and features some of the most influential CX thought-leaders, practitioners and academia on challenges, development and the evolution of CX.

Start exploring the Voices of CX Podcast content by checking the two episodes below:

  1. Survey fatigue and how to fix it with Brian Lamar
  2. Create a company culture you can be proud ff with diversity, equity and inclusion with Leslie Short

SIMPLE brand With Matt Lyles

Join Matt Lyles, and his guests, as they share tactics, tips and strategies to help your business brand out from the crowd. You’ll learn how to create simple experiences for your customers and your team members through marketing, branding, content, social media, customer experience, leadership, organizational culture, productivity, and so much more!

Start exploring Simple brand podcast by checking out the episodes below:

CX Lore™ brought to you by CXM

The CX Lore interview sessions host conversations with inspiring thinkers and creative minds humanizing the world of business. The team behind Customer Experience Magazine speaks with guests about how companies can understand people’s behaviours and leverage business performance. Dare to challenge your presumptions about what really makes a great experience.

A month ago, our team started a new podcast called CX Lore™, where we will host interviews with some of the most interesting voices in the CX and EX arena. Our team is preparing some exclusive content for you in the upcoming months. For now, start exploring CX Lore ™ by listening to the latest interview with Charlotte Lockhart.

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