It has long been established that customer loyalty is the driving force behind the most successful brands on the market. The companies that understood the importance of building trusting relationships with customers have grown and expanded over time. They have seen the power of retention over acquisition and acted upon it for best results. 

If you’re just starting to work on this area yourself, CXM has just a perfect guide to recommend. The e-book How to Make Your Loyalty Program Personal highlights some of the most important steps businesses should take when building their loyalty programmes. Keep reading to find out more about this insightful downloadable!

The surprising data behind loyalty programmes

One of the first things idomoo highlights in the report is the advantage a customer loyalty programme provides. According to the conducted research, loyal customers are 5 times more likely to repeat purchases and 4 times more likely to recommend a brand to a friend. That’s quite interesting data!

However, in modern times, it’s quite challenging to reach customers and achieve long-term loyalty. As the annual loyalty report by Bond shows, only 18% of consumers actually engage with every loyalty programme they are a member of. Thus, the real question is – how do you make your loyalty programmes interesting enough to engage the customers?

Tips for making your loyalty programme personal

Today’s customers are known to pay a lot of attention to the ways of communication with brands. That’s why building a generic loyalty programme usually results poorly. In fact, according to the e-book, only 22% of members are satisfied with the current level of personalization their program offers. That means people seek more personalized products and services to make their experience enjoyable and memorable.

If you’re wondering how to make your standard loyalty programme more personal, idomoo has answers! The following steps are recommended:

  • Get to know your customer
  • Make sure your customers know their benefits
  • Cast your customers in the lead role
  • Share personalized offers
  • Be authentic
  • Surprise and delight members
  • Set goals and measure progress

The e-book reflects on each one of these suggestions in more detail. You’ll get a chance to explore real-life examples, expert tips, and visuals that demonstrate the effectiveness of all these steps. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to build the perfect loyalty programme by downloading the e-book – the solution to a perfect personalized strategy is just one click away!

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