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Would you like to work with an entire team of professionals?

What if we told you that you could do just that without hiring one single new person?
If you wish to boost your company’s success and back your business up with an army of satisfied customers, an in-house training is just what your company needs.

– Customer Experience Masterclass training with Ian Golding, CEO & Founder of Customer Experience Consultancy: Ian is a Certified Customer Experience Professional and Customer Experience Specialist. As certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Ian has spent over twenty years in business improvement, working hard to ensure that the businesses he works for are as customer focused as possible. Ian is also an annual member of the judging panels at the UK Digital Experience Awards, UK Customer Experience Awards, and the Customer Service Training Awards and is an Advisor and featured columnist for CustomerThink, a global online community of 80,000+ business leaders. More about Ian’s training can be viewed here: CX Masterclass

In-house training offers both employers and employees a whole new set of advantages compared to sending a couple of people from your team to external training. The entire training process happens much more naturally in the familiar environment and enables your employees to improve their skills without going out of their way.

If you would like to see your team grow to a truly professional level, don’t give it a second thought – choose the best programme for your team that will boost your company’s performance.

To learn more about in-house training or book one for your company, please call +44 20 86385584 or send an email to vuk@awardsinternational.com

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