A new B2B sales conversion service is bringing back the art of the handwritten letter in a scheme that is proving hugely popular with clients.

Conversion optimisation platform ResponseiQ has unveiled Inkdesk, a fully managed service, defining campaigns and crafting handwritten letters along with sourcing and validating CRM-ready data. They employ actual human writers, not robots, to pen clients’ critical messages on a range of premium paper and envelope options. In the US, the letters can even be mailed from a desired location to gain a postal stamp and provide a “local touch”.

“The development of Inkdesk was driven by mediocre, industry-wide response rates of  four percent for direct mail campaigns,” explains Scott Lee, CEO of ResponseiQ.

“Our mission is to excel our clients’ conversion expectations, so we trialed a handwritten letter service and the response and results have been overwhelming – on average, our beta testers have seen ROI rates of 1657 percent.”

James Morritt, Head of Customer Success at EventsCase, said: “Handwritten letters open more doors than any other marketing campaign we do – we’ve had a 2122 percent ROI since adopting the service. As a result of our outreach via Inkdesk, we’ve just signed a deal with CNBC to use our event management software for the World Economic Forum.”

Scott Lee added: “We’ve spent the past few years caught up in a digital cacophony of programmatic ads and hyper personalisation so we decided to take a step back from the millions of emails and websites shared daily and offer clients an impactful, carefully composed personalised letter. We’re seeing response rates of 48 percent, that’s 12 times more than a traditional direct mailer, which clearly indicates a desire for more considered communications.”



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