VehicleVision is a company implementing digital channels to enhance and help drive CX in the automotive industry further. The company delivers class-leading personalised online video systems for the automotive industry which provide a great deal of transparency and customer inclusion.

We recently caught up with them and asked them a few questions regarding the most recent developments in their organisation, after winning the award at the DXA 2016  in the ‘Automotive’ category.

We want to thank them once more for answering our questions and giving our readers exclusive access to the information about the developments in such a great organisation as VehicleVision.

VehicleVision’s Winning Initiative

Before we get to the interview, for those who aren’t familiar with VehicleVision’s winning initiative at DXA, here’s a quick rundown.

Vehicle Vision provides tools which their clients, such as franchised dealer groups and independent garages, use to build customer loyalty, trust and transparency.

These tools are made up of three parts – an app used by technicians and sales teams to record video clips, an online system that manages the customer database and an online customer-facing portal that displays the videos and provides actions related to the work being provided.

As a result, dealerships that use VehicleVision have seen increases in excess of 20% in their aftersales conversion rates and as much as a 32% increase in car sales conversion.

The implementation of these tools is a great example of how technology allows for improved CX across the board. Once again we see an industry that hasn’t had its fair share of digital innovation in regards to customer CX, in the past, and once more we see how positive attitude towards the implementation of new digital platforms leads to better performance.

Here’s what they told us during our recent catch-up:

The UK Digital Experience Awards: What has winning your award at DXA meant for your organisation as a whole?

VehicleVision: It was certainly a boost for the team, the work and dedication that the staff have put in has been recognised by winning an award.

The UK Digital Experience Awards: Have you developed your winning initiative further since winning your award?

VehicleVision: Yes we have, since December we’ve increased the development we are doing in regards to our Development Road Map on the system and there are some exciting new features being released in quarter three this year.

The UK Digital Experience Awards: Why do you think customers are particularly distrustful in the automotive industry and how does VehicleVision help increase customer trust?

VehicleVision: One of our core products is an aftersales video tool that is used in the workshop environment for franchise dealers. Typically when the customers are notified about a problem with their vehicle, quite often it’s not necessarily showing the customer actual evidence of the problem or fault of the vehicle, so of course naturally there is skepticism and unknowingness from the customer’s point of view about how serious that problem is. I guess what our system does is, it provides customers with transparency by sending a video to the customer clearly showing what the problems are. So in essence we’re providing a method to communicate and show the actual problem to the customer, therefore increasing that trust.

The UK Digital Experience Awards: Have you acquired any new and interesting clients that you’re particularly proud to have?

VehicleVision: Yes, we are expanding our operation, in December, shortly after the Awards, we formed a new company in Japan, ‘Vehicle Vision Japan’ as part of our road map and strategy to take the product global.

The UK Digital Experience Awards: Has that been something that’s formed since the awards or was that something that happened organically?

VehicleVision: Not necessarily, it has been a part of our strategy for the last 12-18 months. As our reputation has grown and the development of the product has grown in the UK, we worked with global manufacturers. So we have been generating interest from their counterparts in different countries whether it’s Japan or working in Sweden with a large manufacturer. It was all a part of the strategy and a natural progression. In relation to the award, I feel like the biggest benefit was giving something back to the team for them to have. Winning awards has made them feel that they are a part of the vision and recognition which I think is very important.

The UK Digital Experience Awards: What’s your honest opinion on the level of impact VehicleVision has on the automotive industry and do you think that it can revolutionise the buying process by removing some of the guess work?

VehicleVision: When the VehicleVision sales system is used by our dealers, it certainly helps to provide a more compelling reason for a customer to buy a vehicle. With our sales system we’ve seen that car dealers are actually selling a higher ratio of cars, when they use videos to assist them in the selling process and that really works full circle. So, in the full circle scenario – the customer buys the vehicle, having been exposed to a personal video during the buying process and they are also exposed to personal videos of their vehicle when they bring their car in for servicing. We describe it as a ‘revolutionary effect on the car industry’ particularly at car dealerships, because now customers are being exposed to a higher level of transparency and customer service through personal videos in the sales process and the aftersales process. It’s now becoming the norm, there is a high percentage of car dealerships now using video at some points in the sales or aftersales process. It’s really now growing and filtering out globally regarding automotive manufacturers seeing the benefits of using these videos. It’s having a major effect on how car dealers and manufacturers are communicating with their customers.

The UK Digital Experience Awards: What are your plans in the near future?

VehicleVision: We are looking to expand in Asia, we have also recently entered Thailand with an importer. But our vision in full really is to take the product global, so we have been working with our partners in various countries, in North America for example, where there is a huge automotive market, so that is a huge opportunity for us. But, given the nature of our products and how easily scalable they are, we don’t want to stop progressing and there are no limits as to where the product can be used. So in the next 18-24 months we expect to have several more countries using our products.

The UK Digital Experience Awards: Has winning the award impacted your PR?

VehicleVision: Winning the award gave us the opportunity to add the logo to our websites and all our communications which we did immediately. To add to the kudos of the brand.

The UK Digital Experience Awards: Would you recommend the awards to other businesses?

VehicleVision: Yes I would, purely for the process of getting under the skin of everything that you do. Then having that presented to the judges is a very worthwhile and interesting experience.  It puts what you do into perspective, it gives you a sense of your product, sense of your service and should you win, it’s a very pleasant and fulfilling experience.

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